First World Problems: Where to eat?

I shamefully asked myself, my girlfriend, my family, my friends and sometimes my cat, Glen - "Where to eat?" countless times. That might be one of the hardest question to answer even for myself to do so.

So this is what happened last weekend, early in the morning. My girlfriend and I were somehow craving for dim sum for breakfast but after we both have moved to Kota Damansara, we have no idea where to find any dim sum place around.

We had our dim sum breakfast at Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong (Kota Damansara branch) because we managed to read about it on and the reviews was quite good.

Siu Mai RM4.50/3pcs
Steamed Spareribs RM4.50
Har Gaw (Prawn Dumpling) RM4.50/3pcs
Tasty Lo Mai Kai RM4.50
BBQ Pork Bun RM4.00/2pcs
Shrimp Rice Roll RM4.80/plate

Overall, it was a good breakfast. Although it might be slightly pricier than those normal coffee shops but it's more comfortable to eat in Jin Xuan since it's more chilling with air condition and it looks cleaner too.

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.: Peace Out :.