Halloween Horror Spirits 2 @ Genting Outdoor Theme Park

A few more days till Halloween! It’s double trouble as Halloween Horror Spirits 2 returns to Genting Outdoor Theme Park. As well all know, Genting has closed their outdoor theme park to make way for the upcoming 20th Fox Century Theme Park. Well, that didn't stop them from opening it for just a short period of time for this special event.

I did not know what to expect in Halloween Horror Spirits 2 as I have not done any research about what is the horror that they are offering but I think it should be a great idea to have it in Genting at night since it's so cold up there and the outdoor theme park now looks like an abandon theme park. 

Anyway, the Halloween Horror Spirits 2 is divided in 5 sections, each with its own very theme.

From the route that I have went through, we will first enter the Haunted Playground from the main entrance then followed by Kisah Rumah Puaka by turning to the right and Old Shanghai on the left.

The ticketing counter and main entrance.

The Haunted Playground
Legends have passed through the years that the playground was once a
fun place to visit until criminal cases take place.

You tell yourself that the shivers down your spine and the goose bumps
that have popped out all over your body is due to the cold but deep down
you know it’s because of all the laughing and clapping.

Unearth the terror for yourself…

Please bear with my silliness in these pictures.....

One of the scariest places in Halloween Horror Spirits 2. Must check this out!
 Kisah Rumah Puaka
One stormy night many years ago, a family was possessed by evil
spirits when they were drowned in their sleep.

The dark force then spread through the whole village, leaving an
unsolved mystery to be explored.

After fiercely guarding their kampong huts for several decades, the evil
spirits now welcome you to visit their ghostly abode…

Old Shanghai
Travel back in time to the glory of Old Shanghai in the 1930s where
you meet twisted hawkers peddling wares along the streets and
rickshaw pullers navigating through the alleys.

Behind the city enriched in history, tradition, and timeless charm lays
a story untold…

Human meat buns anyone?
Ouhhh... paiseh. She's so pretty! :D
Shanghainese ghost: Whatchu lookin' at?
Dim sum anyone? With extra ingredients! :)
Another section near Old Shanghai before Kisah Rumah Puaka.
Happily persecuting myself :(

Prison Freak
Prisoners sentence to life imprisonment or given death penalty are all incarcerated in this maximum-security prison.

Some of them eventually go insane due to the intense depression,
some are trapped inside the prison cells looking for a way out, and the
spirits of those who have already been executed wander the hallways
as if they have old scores to settle.

Visits to the prison fortress are heavily restricted, we warned you…

Say hello to my newest friend!
Save me! Eh wait, that's not Jesus! :(

City of Walkers
A deserted city decimated by catastrophic plague and occupied by
mutated vampire-like beings.

Venture into the city at your own risk: Once the Walkers prey on you,
there will only be a narrow escape.

Too bad I'm outside...
Hey wait, I want to eat some too... don't be so greedy.
Some left over for me, thanks to those zombies... at least better than nothing right?
The Walkers...
Looks like he found his friend in the box. How lucky! :)
Up up and away....
Poor thing, he forgot who's hand was that...
Nuthin' here... just doing our thang. Left right, left right...

Picture with some of the bloggers who have also attended this event...

That's right! Don't look back and keep moving unless you drop your smartphone, you'll need that in case you're hiding from the ghost so that someone could call you at the wrong time.

Last but not least, do check out some of the trailers for Halloween Horror Spirits 2 below:-

Here's the entrance fee for the event.

Some of the rules and regulation:- 
The event is strictly for visitors aged 13 years old and above.
No masks or costumes are allowed.
Avoid line jumping, foul language and inappropriate behavior.
No touching the Halloween characters or props inside the park, else there will be consequences to bear (which I did touch some of the props).
Video recording and flash photography are strictly prohibited in the prison fortress of the Prison Freak attraction; you might disturb those who are incarcerated inside.

For more info about Halloween Horror Spirits 2, visit their website at www.rwgenting.com/en/themepark/halloween/index.htm

.: Peace Out :.