Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was on last Friday and again, I'm am one year older. It's hard to believe that time passes incredibly fast and even my blog is already more than five years old.

A million thanks to those who have wished me on Facebook. I really appreciate it although I would prefer to receive gifts from you guys! Just kidding.

Anyway, I think I really have not thrown a birthday party for so many years. I still remember the last time I had a so called party was about six years ago in a church retreat. It was a surprise party a few days after my actual birthday date and the funny thing was I accidentally carried my own birthday cake and place it into the fridge without knowing that it was my cake.

On my birthday, I received a Whatsapp message from Snoopy who was so thoughtful to treat me lunch at Sushi Zanmai. Lunch was good but I still think that Sushi Zanmai is a little overrated to have such a long queue every other day but it was a lucky day for us that we didn't need to queue.

After lunch, I went over to Glenmarie Golf and Country Club for the Heineken Championship 2013 Media Golf Clinic with bloggers and members of the media. Previously I did the indoor golf simulation once in Bangsar Shopping Center and a few times playing at the driving range back in KK but I never experienced golf at the Putting Green before. It wasn't easy especially to know the curve of the green and the strength needed to hit the golf ball into the hole. We also learnt some golf chipping techniques, it was seriously not easy. Anyway, I managed to won a Taylormade luggage bag from the driving range. Nothing beats playing golf and drinking a cold Heineken beer... weeee....

After golf, I headed back home and then went to 1Utama with le gf to have dinner at Chili's Grill & Bar Restaurant. The appetizer was good and filling but somehow they forgotten our main dishes but compensated us with two small bowl of soup for waiting. After our dinner, we headed over to Oktoberfest but we only managed to catch the final act.

Photo credit to www.choulyin.com
It was alright on that night just to have dinner together without any birthday cake or gift although I've requested a new smartphone, a camera lens or a PS3 with GTA V for my birthday gift but I know it's too much for her to fulfill it... huehuehuehue...

Back at home, she presented me a new Ukulele as my birthday gift.

It's a white Ashton ukulele... now my acoustic guitar and electric guitar will feel more abandoned. LOL

I got myself some birthday gift as well. An Uniqlo windbreaker, some cheapo hand glove, LED headlight and AAA batteries from Mr.DIY. That beanie is actually given by PUMA. I can't wait to climb Mount Kinabalu in less than two weeks time!

That's all for now. I had a great birthday celebration, I'm glad to be still alive and kicking! Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.

Peace Out! - Photo credit to www.carolinemayling.com
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