My Experience with Sony NEX-5T

Last week, I received the Sony NEX-5T that comes with SELP1650 Lens. It was just announced recently to replace the Sony NEX-5R which was released last year.

I have already experience using their very first entry level of Sony's digital E-mount camera when they released their very first NEX-3 back in the year 2010. Every year, Sony continuously launching a newer and better digital E-mount camera and now it has comes down to the Sony NEX-5T. I've done a few test shots with this camera and do read the entire review if you are interested with the verdict.

The stylish NEX-5T packs refined capabilities in a pocketable size camera. NFC-capable, image sharing with friends is simply one touch away. Be ready for every photo opportunity and enjoy all the creative freedom that interchangeable lenses bring.

It is available in black, white or silver, the Sony NEX-5T is very similar in design to the NEX-5N, but the lens is a very different kettle of fish. The added portability comes from the 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 power zoom lens, which helps make the camera a smaller and neater package to slip into bags and such.
It feels quite solid in my hand.

I have an average sized Asian hands, it's not too large for my hand and I am pretty sure a lot of girls wouldn't mind this over those bulky DSLR.

The package include the body, lens and the detachable flash as well.

The touch panel is quite useful for those who prefer on screen functionality especially when focusing on the subject. It's quite smooth, responsive and easy to use although it does consume more battery at the end of the day.

At the bottom of the camera, it's the tripod mount, battery door for the battery & SD card or Sony Memory Stick.

On the left and right side of the camera is the Micro USB & HDMI port as well as the NFC connectivity. One touch connectivity via NFC and WIFI for those who loves to update their social sites on the go.

All you need to do is download and install the PlayMemories Mobile apps from Google Play Store or Apps Store into your Android or iOS devices.

NFC-enabled devices just need to connect against the right side of the camera which has the NFC logo on the grip. In just a few clicks, the photos are ready to be transferred once it's connected.

Meanwhile for the non NFC-enabled devices, especially iOS devices, you can transfer the images using WiFi connectivity as long as you have installed the PlayMemories Mobile apps.

Last but not least it's the 180degree Tiltable Touch Screen LCD which is very useful when taking shots in low or high angle.

But I'm quite sure most of the time we'll be using it for camwhore or selfie conveniently thanks to the 180degree Tiltable Touch Screen LCD.

That's pretty much sums it up on the physical side of the camera, so what about the image quality? I've tested the camera under a few conditions. The first one is the low light test with every ISO settings available in the camera with Manual (M) mode. All the images taken below with the Sony NEX-5T are unedited.

What I can see from this test is that images taken from ISO100 to ISO1600 can be use without any doubt but from ISO3200 onward, there's sign of annoying image noise. From ISO12800 to ISO25600, images became really noisy and decolorization were quite obvious.

Next test is defocus test, or what photographers love to call it - the bokeh test. I took all the shots below with the SCENE-Macro mode.

We have Minions as our model this time. BANANA!!!

The background is more blur on 50mm compared to 35mm but the sharpness of the front subject were balance. I am sure these images wouldn't be so noisy if the SCENE-Macro mode Auto ISO didn't pump up the ISO so high instead it should be lowering down the shutter speed.

Flash OFF.
Two more shots taken on the subject with and without flash on SCENE-Macro mode as well.

Flash ON.
 Some of you might say that the image with flash ON is better than the one without. For me, it's hard to say which is better but I always prefer not to fire the flash in order to keep the ambiance light on the background.

Taken at Kaw Kaw Burger with flash OFF.
The last test is the Sony NEX-5T Fast Hybrid AF – phase detection AF (Autofocus Test).

This time round, my cat Glen is the model. My cat's playtime is one of the hardest thing to shoot, it's just like sports. In this case, I have to ultilize the 10fps continuous shooting features on the Sony NEX-5T. I shoot with the Superior Auto mode which it claimed that the camera will beautifully shoots automatically while reducing blurring and noise.

The 10fps continuous shooting plays a very important role here but under low light condition, there's not many photos that came out right without blurry images due to the hi speed action from my cat Glen.

What do I think about the camera?
I love it because it's light, compact and it feels solid in my hand. The power zoom lens ring on SELP1650 Lens is smooth and perform excellently but turning it OFF and ON requires a little time for the lens to collapse in and out. It's great for those who like to transfer their photos straight into their smartphones or tablets on the go with its NFC & WiFi connectivity.

What I don't like is the easily drained battery life, unable to delete the photo taken immediately without buffering, the 180degree tiltable LCD screen can no longer go 180degree when the external flash in mounted on and sometimes the camera ON and OFF dial is not responsive.

So what do you think of the camera? If you have any question regarding the Sony NEX-5T, just let me know in my comment section below and I will try my best to answer you guys.

Key Features of Sony NEX-5T : 
16.1-megapixel Exmor sensor; NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity; Sony PlayMemories app access; Full HD video recording; 180-degree tiltable LCD screen; Power zoom lens ring.

Comes in White, Black or Silver.

End of September

For more information about the product, check out their website at

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