Cuak Private Screening at Paradox Art Cafe & Free Space @ Kaki Seni

Over the past few weeks, I was invited to two private screenings of Cuak courtesy of Nuffnang at Paradox Art Cafe in Bandar Utama and Free Space (Kaki Seni) in SS2 Mall. CUAK, follows the story of Adam on the verge of getting married and having second thoughts as he goes through the events that lead up to this moment, uniquely told by 5 different directors combining into one narrative. So during the private screening, a part of the movie by one of the film director will be shown.

Adam is about to get married to Brenda. It wasn’t easy but it’s really happening now. His mind should be made up. He should be sure. But as he makes his way to his bride, he starts having second thoughts. Will they be the same after marriage or will they change? Does he still love his ex? How about the crazy in-laws? Will his own crazy elder step-brother ever approve of Brenda? And finally, how will Brenda handle converting to Islam? Will doubt prevail or will love conquer all?

CUAK is produced by Michael Chen
Producer’s Statement:
CUAK is a Garang (i)ndie Pictures baby. The process of delivering this baby has been an exciting one. Bearing witness to such brilliant filmmakers coming together to do what they love, anyone would believe that magic exists. It is a solid story showcasing amazing, talented Malaysian filmmakers, actors and actresses but the icing on the cake is that this will be a story any Malaysian can watch and say: this is the Malaysia that I know.

Garang Pictures is hell bent on producing quality content for Malaysians and the world to watch. Beyond that, we aim to highlight and develop more of creative talent in Malaysia. In this sense, CUAK is more than just a movie about a guy getting married and cold feet. It is also a statement of the talent that is prevalent in this country.

CUAK, which roughly translates to ‘cold feet’, is a film about a man getting married and the events leading up to the big day. Adam, our protagonist, is struggling with doubt and fear. These are compounded by his friends’ damning opinions of marriage, intimidating in-laws, unresolved feelings for his ex and his big brother’s suspicions of his fiancĂ©e’s intentions.

As Adam deals with each of his issues in turn, the film’s five directors depict his internal and external struggle to bersanding through an appropriate genre. Buddy film, comedy, film noir, drama and found footage, CUAK is really five interconnected stories rolled into one movie.

A story of love and marriage, CUAK is a Malaysian movie with themes that resonate with a universal audience regardless of race or religion.

Khairil M Bahar
On the first private screening that I've attended at Paradox Art Cafe, they showed one part of the film which is called 'The Bachelor Party' directed by Khairil M Bahar. It's about a group of close friends who's celebrating bachelor party for Adam with the element of comedy and flashback scenes. You can take a look at the trailer below.

With meddlesome friends, insane in-laws, a suspicious step-brother and unresolved ex-girlfriend issues, it's no wonder Adam is having second thoughts about his marriage to Brenda.

The owner of Paradox Art Cafe which is also the filming location for The Bachelor Party.
Group photo of the five directors of CUAK.

Paradox Art Cafe, seems like a really nice place for my buddies and myself to hang out with rounds of pool and fuss ball.

As for the second private screening that I have attended, they showed 'The Couple' which is directed by Shamaine Othman, an aspiring local comedian.

Aside from the producer and directors, we also get to meet the main actor and actress of CUAK - Ghafir Akbar & Dawn Cheong.
As for 'The Couple', it's about the interaction between a couple who's from different religion background who decided to get married but got into an argument. I did include the trailer below as well for you guys to check it out.

Check out Cuak's teaser trailer below:-

Taking place mere moments before the akad nikah (solemnization ceremony), CUAK is the story of a young man's wedding jitters, uniquely told through the eyes of 5 different directors who each take one of the issues plaguing our groom-to-be, combining together to make one movie.

A story of love and marriage, CUAK is a truly Malaysian movie with themes that resonate with a universal audience regardless of race or religion.

Khairil M Bahar, Lim Benji, Manesh Nesaratnam, Tony Pietra and Shamaine Othman.

Ghafir Akbar, Dawn Cheong, Abdul Qahar Aqilah, Gavin Yap, Iedil Putra, Ash Nair, Ani Juliana Ibrahim, Patrick Teoh, Bernie Chan, Diong Chae Lian, Kuah Jen Han, Tony Eusoff, Craig Fong and Corinne Adrienne.

I like how these five different part directed by different director can relate back to the root of the story. I do hope that more films like this will be release and probably shown at the cinema. We could improve more on the technical part in future but it's definitely a good initiatives by the producer and directors to come out with collaboration such as this.

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