Plan B @ Bangsar Village 1 (Food Review)

Plan B is no stranger to diners who love to eat and chill in major malls in Klang Valley and I just realised that they actually have one branch in Ipoh as well. Plan B is a creative space specifically designed to encourage people to eat, linger and to get inspired. Offering an edgy alternative to the cookie-cutter coffee bars, Plan B is a culture café that focuses on artisan coffee and creative cooking.

The style of food at Plan B is Aussie-meets-New York deli, with contemporary flavours, comprising of salads, sandwiches, pastas and a huge variety of cakes. The very first time I had a red velvet cake was from Plan B bought by a friend.

Australian Iced Coffee (RM11)
I ordered this Australian Iced Coffee since I've never tried it before and I was quite happy to find a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of it. It comes with sugar liquid as well but it's alright to drink without it since the ice-cream will slowly melt and sweeten the coffee. One good thing about this Australian Iced Coffee is the very minimal after taste you will get from a coffee beverage. I would definitely order this again next time.

Flat White (RM8)
A blogger friend, Simon ordered the Flat White with a cute bear coffee art on top of it.

Latte (RM8)
Saimatkong ordered this latte with a common heart shape on it. Having all this coffee in a popular mall in KL, paying RM8 for a good cup of coffee is not pricy at all.

Iced Chocolate (RM10)
After finishing my Australian Iced Coffee, I just couldn't resist to order their Iced Chocolate and I wasn't dissapointed. It's sweet and has a strong chocolate taste in it, suitable for kids and teens who prefer beverages such as this.

Avo Quinoa (RM23)
As much as I like avocado and poached eggs, the Avo Quinoa easily become everyone's favorite. This appetizer is consist of avocado, corn salsa, fried quinoa & chilli oil on ciabatta toast, with poached eggs and mascarpone cheese.

Spicy Fish Tacos (RM26)
Spicy Fish Tacos earned it's name from the crispy fish fingers, salsa & coleslaw on two soft tacos. The fish fingers were indeed crispy, not too oily and goes pretty well with the salsa and coleslaw. This dish comes with sweet potato fries on the side, which in my opinion is quite tasty and something different other than the usual potato fries.

Arugula Pesto Spaghettini (RM22) Prawn & Squid (+RM9)
The Arugula Pesto Spaghettini is a pasta dish with Arugula Pesto consists of crushed garlic, basil, and European pine nuts blended with olive oil, arugula, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Fiore Sardo. It is topped with lime and fresh arugula. This pasta has a thick and strong flavored pesto taste which was quite different to every pasta dish that I have tasted before.

Som Tam Crab Salad (RM29)
Som Tam Crab Salad consist of spicy green papaya slaw with long beans, cherry tomatoes & dried shrimp topped with soft-shell crab & crunchy peanuts.

If you love having spicy salad made from shredded unripe papaya and soft-shell crab, this dish is a perfect combination of these two. It's actually not too spicy (at least for me) but it has a sourish taste that  enhance our appetite naturally.

Nasi Lemak Goreng (RM26)
I am sure most Malaysians had tried nasi lemak but have you tried the fried nasi lemak or they called it "Nasi Lemak Goreng". It is nasi lemak fried with prawns and long beans, served with sambal telur, jelatah and keropok. Jelatah is a malay version of pickles with pineapple, cucumber and chilli slices.

Char-Grilled kimchi Chicken Burger (RM23)
This  Char-Grilled kimchi Chicken Burger was also one of the main highlights here. Grilled kimchi-marinated chicken leg, butterhead and coleslaw in a sesame bun, with sweet potato fries and side salad. The chicken meat was quite tender and I really like how they actually marinate it with kimchi to give it a slight sourish taste on a sweetly grilled chicken leg.

Asian-Style Soft-shell crab spaghettini (RM26)
The Asian-Style Soft-shell crab spaghettini could be one of the must have dish in Plan B. Soft-shell crab, chilli padi, crispy curry leaves and chilli flakes, in creamy butter sauce all in this bowl of delightful pasta dish. The sauce is not too creamy nor the taste of chili padi is too strong, every flavor in this dish is perfectly adjusted to suit our Malaysian taste bud.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken (RM25)
I could have a few more of this Buttermilk Fried Chicken if not because I was too full from the earlier dishes. The chicken is deep fried and come with coleslaw and french fries. Chicken is soaked with buttermilk for hours with the rest of the spices. Even though it's scientifically proven that buttermilk has a very low percentage of fat but it adds a buttery flavour into the fried chicken.

Apple Sugee Cake (RM10)
After all the main dishes, time for desserts! Yes we still have enough space in our stomach left for desserts. The Apple Sugee Cake is their favorite desserts in Plan B that comes with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on the side.

Coconut Cake (RM10)
It is a cake frosted with a white frosting and covered in coconut flakes. It's soft and not too sweet with a custard like coconut flavour at the center of the cake.

The main entrance of Plan B @ Bangsar Village.
When they said "Please Wait To Be Seated", they are being serious cause during weekend, it's usually packed and have to queue up for the dining table inside to be available.
The interior is pretty simple with warm lights, glass bottles on the shelves and classic P Ramlee movie played on the flat screen TV.
There's a dining area outside as well to cater to those who are smoking or when inside is packed.
Overall, the food in Plan B Bangsar Village 1 is good enough for another visit in near future. Although before this I have experienced slow service and dissatisfying food quality at one of the branch in Paradigm Mall, they still deserve a second chance.

G5, Ground Floor
Bangsar Village 1
No.1 Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
(located right opposite Starbucks)

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T: +603 2287 2630
F: +603 2287 2631

Operation Hours:
Sunday - Thursday
9:00am - 12:00am
11:00pm: Kitchen last order
11:30pm: Bar last order

Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday
9:00am - 1:00am
11:00pm: Kitchen last order
12:30am: Bar last order

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