Tiger Radler #mydoublerefreshment Party this Dec 6 at KL Live!

Some of you might have seen the picture below that I have posted a week ago in my Instagram account (you can follow me if you haven't, link is here). I received a white plastic box from Tiger Beer Malaysia which is filled with a 330ml bottle of Tiger Beer along with some lemons. Beer mixed with natural lemon juice to produce a beverage that is doubly refreshing named, Tiger Radler.

"When it's Tiger giving you lemons... you get double refreshment!"
Just recently, I've received another box from Tiger Beer Malaysia and there's a warning saying there's gonna be some serious refreshment inside. So I guess that I am getting the Tiger Radler in the second package.

With a distinctly cloudy look caused by its all natural lemon juice content, Tiger Radler is set to be the perfect beverage for almost any drinking occasion with family and friends. I guessed most probably the ladies would love this beer more! :)

The content inside the box.
The box is filled with 5 bottles of Tiger Radler (330ml) and also an invitation to the upcoming Tiger Radler #mydoublerefreshment Party this Dec 6 at KL Live!

I hope those underaged kids would not be tempted to try this cause of the design of the label looks kinda like bottle of soda with lemon taste in it!
 Malaysia and Singapore will be the first two countries in SEA to introduce this beer, although Radler has already been a massive hit in Europe over the past few months.

As for the party, here's a good news for my readers out there. If you want to try out the Tiger Radler, you can stand a chance do so. Win 2 exclusive passes to Tiger Radler Launch Party by choosing and sharing your favourite poster on Facebook. Act now to be the first 250 to enjoy Double Refreshment at the most anticipated event of the year! Join at this link --> https://apps.facebook.com/tigerradler/

For more info or update from Tiger Beer Malaysia, do check out their FB page at www.facebook.com/TigerBeerMY

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