Maxis Bloggers 4G Blaze by Maxis

Last Sunday, I was invited to participate in the Maxis Bloggers 4G Blaze organized by Maxis. All the bloggers were to gather at Piazza, Ground Floor, The Curve at 8.30am. We were all pretty hyped up despite waking up early morning on a Sunday for this.

We are all divided into 10 teams. Each team consist of 4 members which were chosen randomly by the organiser. I was in Team Leopard with my team members Budiey, Anne and Kifli. Each team selected one team leader and to be given a Samsung GALAXY Note 2 with Maxis 4G LTE sim.

My team, Leopard!!! 
[Photo courtesy of Anne from]

Ben Jern from FlyFM as the emcee for this Maxis Bloggers 4G Blaze event. He gave us a short briefing on what and what not to do through out the contest. We were not being told what's the challenges until when we are about to do it.

Run Forrest Run!
The very first challenge was to scan the QR code using the provided Samsung GALAXY Note 2. The QR code is embedded on a huge number of balloons and only a few of them will indicate the location where our team will head to.

My team were the first few to get the right QR code and our first destination is Sunway Lagoon.

Driver of the day - ME!
After getting our passport stamped (each stamp will be given after completing a challenge/task), my team picked up Proton Preve which was provided by the organiser and head straight to Sunway Lagoon. Thanks to the super fast 4G LTE internet connection, we were able to use Waze (navigation app) to bring us to the right way without going through traffic congestion.

The next challenge we did in Sunway Lagoon was to download a game called Drag Racing. Each of us must play it once and screenshot our time. You can download the app here:

After that, we were given 2 Go-Kart vouchers as our third challenge. We rushed all the way to the Go-Kart track in Sunway Lagoon and briefed on the spot. Two of us will have to drive the go-kart for three laps while the other two take picture with the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 and then the balance two members will do the same as well.

Done with the go-kart challenge, we then head back to the entrance of Sunway Lagoon to collect the envelope which will tell us our next destination. Our next destination is Madmonkeyz Indoor Bouldering Gym in Wangsa Maju. Upon arrival, we were told to put on our climbing shoes and head to the wall climbing area. My team did quite well, we all managed to go through it once and even our nervous team mate, Anne did it on her first try. Not bad huh?

Our final challenge is back at The Curve where we were told that it's gonna be dirty and messy. The first five team to arrive will do the challenge first then the second five team will do next.

Yes, indeed it was dirty and messy. Thankfully my team mate Budiey was smart enough to search for tips and tricks to eat Watermelon in the fastest time on YouTube.

The leader of the team only can push the watermelon on the table to the mouth of the members while the rest will have to eat the watermelon without touching it at all. It went all the way up on my nose and splashes all the watermelon juice on my face.

I guess it was the easiest and funniest challenge for my team. A picture of us after completing the challenge.

The watermelon wasn't enough to make our stomach full though. There was lunch provided for all the bloggers at Laundry Bar while waiting for the other teams to arrive.

It was truly our lucky day that they announced our team as the first runner up. Each of us walked away with a brand new iPad Mini 16GB WiFi + Cellular and Maxis 4G LTE modem.

Team Stallion won the grand prize and walked away with a brand new Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Maxis 4G LTE modem each.

A group photo of all the bloggers with Ben Jern and Yogeswari Thangavelu, Senior Manager of Corporate Affairs Maxis Berhad.

Awesome goodies and the iPad Mini I won from the Maxis Bloggers 4G Blaze!
 For more information about Maxis 4G LTE, check out their webpage at

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