My Experience at Yun Nam Hair Care

Hair loss problem might be a sensitive issue to some of us as it does to me. When people pointed out the problem to us, somehow I do feel a little embarrass. I have relatives who actually commented the lack of hair on the top of my forehead. Every time I pay a visit to the hair salon, my hairstylist had to style my hair properly to cover the area with thinner hair right above my forehead.

I do notice that I have this problem a few years back when I started working. That's not only the problem that I'm facing. My hair is the wavy hair type (I wouldn't say curly, unless you see me with an afro hair style), so combing my hair is not a simple task. Whenever I comb my hair, there's always snowing. What I meant by snowing is the dandruff that fell on the my shirt. I did try all sort of anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner but it doesn't seems working at all. At the end of the day, I just spent more money changing different brand just to make my hair dandruff-free.

Long story short, I was recommended to solve my hair problem at Yun Nam Hair Care after getting tired of trying so many methods and products. Yun Nam Hair Care is recognised as one of the best hair care brand in Malaysia, established in 1984. They claimed to use 100% natural herbs with no side effects compared to those artificial and chemical products which we can buy in our local pharmacy or supermarket.

The Yun Nam Hair Care outlet which I visited that day is located inside IOI Mall, Puchong.

The consultation room at Yun Nam Hair Care.

Some of their 100% natural herbs product displayed inside the consultation room.

While waiting for my consultant, a video of client's testimonials was showed on the computer screen.

My consultant, Stacy asked me a few basic personal details, then proceed with asking me about the hair problems that I am currently facing, my sleeping hours as well as how many litre of water I drink everyday. After that, she examined my hair and pulled out one strand of hair. I didn't feel any pain, to be exact, I don't feel anything at all. She said it's not a very good sign.

She showed me that the root of my hair was not healthy. The root is currently in an oval shape, that's why I don't feel any pain. A healthy root should looks like a rambutan with tiny particle of line building up from that strand of hair.

She then scanned my scalp just to find that my hair is full of dandruff. I washed my hair thoroughly the night before the session and there's still so many dandruff to be seen.

Based on the scan, the front part right above my my forehead and top of my head are both having hair loss.

This is the scan of the dandruff particles covering my scalp not able to allow the sunlight to enter in to give nutrients to the root of the hair. Stacy said that it's proven that the major problem of my hair loss is caused by dandruff. She mentioned that there's 5 solutions for my hair loss which is the scalp treatment, herbal treatment (which I will be having later on), pills, products (to be used at home) and lastly essence treatment for those who still drop baby hair even after trying all 4 solutions.

This is the treatment room at Yun Nam Hair Care. It looks exactly like some of the professional hair salon that I have been to. It's clean and doesn't have that chemical smell that we get at the hair salon.

Tadaa!!! This is the part of my hair which I suffered hair loss the most. Baby hair please grow back...

Warm tea and biscuit are prepared for every customers in the treatment room.

Before Stacy apply the herbal treatment on my hair, first I will need to wash my hair with two products which are the hair renewal lotion and hair cleansing lotion. Both of this product has a strong smell of Chinese herb or the closest I can think of is ginseng.

I am advised by the consultant not to use my finger nails when washing my hair cause it will hurt my scalp but instead use the very end of my fingers to wash thoroughly every single parts.

Here's the herbal treatment products, Herbalogy Formula 3 - 100% natural herbs.

After mixing the herbal products, this thick brownish mixture is then heated in the microwave to enhance the effectiveness of the herbal treatment.

Stacy applied the herb on my hair slowly after notifying me that the herb is quite hot.

After applying the herb all over my hair, Stacy then placed a cover over it and massage around the areas where the herb is applied. I can feel that it has a slight burning sensation on my head. So here's the image of my scalp before the herbal treatment.

Before herbal treatment.
After the treatment, she scanned my hair once again and found that my scalp is cleaner now. I still have couple of dandruff laying around on my hair but it's quite minimal but it's always good to have a few more treatments to make my scalp healthy again.

After herbal treatment.
The result was quite satisfying, at least to me.

Here's a picture of me after the herbal treatment. More good looking right?

A picture of me with Yun Nam Hair Care's consultant, Stacy.
 At the end of the session, Stacy gave me a set of Free Yun Nam Home Care Kit that consist of Herbalogy Ginseng Shampoo 20ml, Jasmine Herbal Conditioner 20ml and Hair Nutritional Lotion 20ml. After shampoo and conditioning, sprayed the lotion onto scalp (not hair) and massage. I can use them once a day, everyday until it finishes which is about a week.

During the treatment session, I managed to redeem some of Yun Nam's hair treatment and product as below:-

1 Regenerative Hair Cell Therapy +
1 Hair Root Strengthening Therapy +
1 Hair Revival Kit worth RM468

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