Glenmorangie The Orange Party Series Finale at The Rabbit Hole

Last month, I was invited to attend the Glenmorangie The Orange Party which was held at at the new-age concept bar The Rabbit Hole, Changkat Bukit Bintang. The world’s most loved single malt whisky celebrated the finale of its series of Orange Parties. This time around it featured a tour of the ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’ elements that make up the House of Glenmorangie.

The Lasanta, my favorite Glenmorangi single malt scotch whisky.
Upon arrival at the venue, a familiar sight at the Orange Party Series, an orange man on stilts and a man wearing a whisky cask, were the first to greet and usher guests in.

Jeremy Teo, host of the night, invited media to embark on a journey of discovery in learning how this perfect whisky is created. Leading the artistic journey, Jeremy explained Glenmorangie’s philosophy in the pursuit of perfection, utilizing the tallest stilts, the finest casks as well as the elegant and luxurious Scottish character of the House of Glenmorangie, all at each were brought alive by way of 3-D illustrations placed around the venue. These art pieces were crafted meticulously by local artistic talent Ms. Haze Long, a 3-D illustration specialist.  Another key feature hidden through each of the artworks were ADA codes skillfully embedded into each of the 3-D art pieces enticing party goers to dial in and be rewarded with snippets of information about the iconic House of Glenmorangie.

The journey ended with a tasting session led by Moet Hennessy Brand Ambassador, Mr Chong Wai Keng, who explained the tasting notes of the Lasanta, a variant from Glenmorangie’s range of Extra Matured single malt whisky. The tasting session was open to all guests, giving Glenmorangie fans an opportunity to taste something a little more exquisite during the party.

Whisky tasting isn't really as commercialised as wine tasting here in Malaysia but indeed it was a great experience especially in a really nice and classy ambience.

As the clock struck 9 p.m, partygoers were seen filling up the venue all eager to get the party underway. Sensing the crowd’s eagerness, two interactive engagements were introduced, The Maze Challenge as well as the ADA code system. The Maze challenge required guests who purchased at least one bottle of Glenmorangie during the night to navigate two metallic balls through an A3 size framed maze with the fastest time to stand a chance to win a 1.5L Glenmorangie, The Original.

Photo booth was also available at the party and continuously being occupied by the fans of Glenmorangie. One picture is never enough!

The ADA Code System was an easy win made available for all guests throughout the night, promising the individual who made the most number of calls to each ADA Code number at the end of the night a chance to win a 70cl, Glenmorangie, The Original.

Guests enjoyed the night accompanied by Glenmorangie served with a splash of water and ice as well as the Glenmorangie Zest Serve – a familiar highlight at Glenmorangie parties that infuses delicious tangerine to complement the notes of vanilla and citrus zest of Glenmorangie, The Original.  

Here's some pictures of the guest at the party...

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By the way, I just want to mention here that the party was on the eve of my birthday. Hence, I did enjoy my time with good companions and great whisky.

Glenmorangie’s finale of its bespoke parties showcased a truly an interactive and immersive experience of the ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’ philosophy of Glenmorangie. Do check out the upcoming Glenmorangie parties and further details at Glenmorangie Malaysia Facebook page.

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