Photos from the 7th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2015

Something out of the norm when I woke up 5am on a Sunday just to visit Putrajaya for the the 7th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (IHABF) 2015. It's my third time attending the event after the 2nd (link here) and 5th event 2 years back.

Tourim Malaysia hot air balloon gimmick
We reached Putrajaya around 6.45am and the sky was still dark. Why are we at the event even before the sky is bright? It's because most of the hot air balloon will be easier to go up when the air is still cold which is before the sun is up. The heated air inside the balloon makes it buoyant since it has a lower density than the relatively cold air outside the balloon.

At 7am, people are seen to have already gathered at the hot air balloon's launching field.

The first hot air balloon to launched. Not sure where it's from since it's not listed in the press release. So please enjoy the following pictures below. Do comment or critic in the comment section down below if there's any misinformation in the picture caption. Thank you!

Pilot: Sobri Saad / Country: Malaysia (boleh!) 
Pilot: Jorge Diaz / Country: Spain
Pilot: Kwang-il Jeon / Country: Philipine (Not Korea meh? Hehe)
Pilot: Unknown / Country: Malaysia 'kot' since it's Astro.
Pilot: Filip Audenaert / Country: Belgium
Pilot: Bunjira Luanprida / Country: Thailand
Pilot: Yong Dong Won / Country: Korea
Pilot: Geert Piersman / Country: Belgium 
Pilot: Bas Spierenburg / Country: Holland
Pilot: Micheal Bauwens / Country: USA
Here comes the three fancy hot air balloons...

Pilot: Gary Moore / Country: USA
The most anticipated hot air ballon this time round - Vincent Van Gogh
Pilot: Ton Rentier / Country: Holland
My favorite - Tourist Penguin, that camera!
Pilot: Richard Lawhorn / Country: USA

Every time I will do something silly to those hot air balloon, this time round it's Vincent Van Gogh digging for gold. LOL

It used to be free to enter the launching field as long as you have a camera with you, the bigger the easier for you to access but sadly they have started charging the public RM12 per ticket.

My favorite activity to shoot at the event - GIANT BUBBLE!!!

Kids enjoyed themselves a lot playing with it. Parents were happy and vendors made a lot of money. Hehe...

Other than the hot air balloon flying show and bazaar, there's also drawing & colouring contest for kids, helicopter joy ride (RM150/pax!!!), picnic by DOOF (there's a life band that plays instrumental jazz music - awesome!), meet & greet with the balloonists, paper airplane contest, night glow & fireworks show (at 9pm) - which I did not witness every single time.

I find that this year has the least iconic fancy looking hot air balloon compared to past years where they have Darth Vader, Doraemon, Smurf, Green Monster and so on. Anyway, kindly comment or critic in the comment section down below if there's any misinformation in the picture caption.

Fans of the Putrajaya IHABF can follow the Fiesta's social media platform:-

Official hashtag: #MyBalloonFiesta

.: Peace Out :.