#AABCSongkranAdventure 2015 – Trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand!

On the 11th of April, I went to Chiang Mai with 3 bloggers from AirAsia Blogger's Community as well for the Songkran festival. It was my very first time experiencing Songkran in Thailand itself although there's been a few 'local' ones held in Klang Valley but it's more like a pool party kind of event instead of an actual festival. For Songkran – the traditional water pouring is meant as a symbol of washing away all of their sins and bad luck, and it sometimes has fragrant herbs added if celebrated in the traditional manner. So I guess if you are having a lot of bad luck, a trip to Thailand for Songkran would be able to cleanse it.

From left: Ka Mei (the guardian), Calista Liew, Joel Wong, Charlotte Fong and myself!
At KLIA2, It didn't take us to decide that.... #TeamKaMei was born! All of us have not experienced Songkran yet and so we do not know what to expect but only want to have as much fun as we can.

Upon reaching Chiang Mai airport, we then headed to Duangtawan Hotel which is pretty near the canal where all the fun is. It is quite hot when we landed in Chiang Mai but we heard that there's storm for the past few days.

Posing with my water gun and dry clothes before all the wet action happened.
We got our water gun for 300 bath each (negotiation is a must) at the stalls by the roadside. There's a lot of different type of water guns, from small to big, those with water pack that you can carry on your back and those that shoot super strong water spray but only works for a single shot. We decided to buy the big one hoping it could spray further and last longer.

A group wefie in front of our hotel before heading to the canal.

Along the way we could see the local and tourist starting to spray and splash water to the passerby and it's 2 days before the actual festival date which is on the 13th April.

You'll get soaked with water before reaching the canal.

Those who are on the motorbike and tut tut were the easiest to shoot at. Haha...

People from around the world, wearing weird looking costume and even mask splashing icy cold water towards us without mercy.

Kamen Rider was spotted as he did not want to miss out the fun as well.

We finally reached the AirAsia stage, it was crazy I tell you. It was packed with humans, the crew on the stage keep spraying us with water jet spray, EDM music was blasting, people was dancing and everyone seems to be having a great time!

Just look at all those humans! One thing which I find it a bit weird and annoying is the vehicles that passed by near the stage, they could have blocked the entire road around the canal. It's somehow dangerous and the vehicles could have run through our feet.

A wefie on the AirAsia stage!

The shooting never ends...

Posers gotta post...

On the actual Songkran festival day

I believe this truck was a part of the Songkran festival ceremony...

Passing through the alley, kids are seen to be enjoying themselves and trying to shoot water at us too. There's plenty of backpackers inn seen when we were passing through the alley so if you don't mind to stay at this kind of place, it's cheap and very near to the canal.

A lucky shot with my iPhone before the girl's head was hit by the water.

Another wefie on the last day before leaving to the airport.

I would like to thank AirAsia for the opportunity to take part in #AABCSongkranAdventure, the Chiang Mai version. It has been a short but sweet trip for me to experience Songkran festival with the people around the world and at the same time, learning different cultures and tasting different food in Chiang Mai (food post will be out next time!).

AirAsia flies 2x daily from Kuala Lumpur to Chiang Mai. Travelers may also fly from Don Mueang, Bangkok to Chiang Mai with 12x daily flights operated by Thai AirAsia. I might be going to Chiang Mai for Songkran again next year. If you would like to go, maybe we can meet up there! Till then...

.: Peace Out :.