Jared Fell, Justin Rivera and MagicNation Performance at LOL Fest 2015 Presented by Tiger Radler

The other day I have posted about the LOL Fest a comedy festival presented by Tiger Radler. I have attended one of their show on the 1st of August which was the Jared Fell in Possible featuring Justin Rivera and MagicNation.

Presented by Tiger Radler, the four-day event aptly named ‘LOL fest’ was held at Publika from July 30 until August 2. Day after the day, the jokesters threw their best jests to keep spectators tickled and the highlight of the festival was definitely the ‘Laugh-a-thon’. The six-hour special held on August 2 showcased amazing comedic talents over a dozen performances featuring the likes of Malaysia’s Andrew Netto, Philippines’ Justin Rivera and Masashi Kumada from Japan. Throughout the mind-blowing evening, spectators were doubly refreshed with some ice cold Tiger Radler.

A quick dinner at The Bee, Publika. I had the Bee Burger (RM25) which consisting of beef patty, turkey, cheddar, pickles and garlic aioli.
The crowd at the main entrance to the show, it was a little delayed due to traffic congestion in the city and also the delay from the show earlier.
According to Jessie Chuah, Marketing Manager of Tiger Beer, “We were extremely excited to have partnered ‘LOL Events’ in bringing barrel of laughs to Malaysians. Besides providing a platform for up and coming talents, we are confident that audiences brought home refreshing experiences from the shows.”

A visitor striking a pose at the “lemon garden” during LOL Fest in Publika on 1st August.
A visitor printing out his photograph from Tiger Radler photo booth during LOL Fest in Publika on 1st August.
Here's some photos of the show earlier before Jared Fell in Possible:-

Kamiyama, a member of the Yoshimoto Kogyo Group during his comedy performance at the LOL Fest on 1st August.
Kinjo, a member of the Yoshimoto Kogyo Group during his comedy performance at the LOL Fest on 1st August.
Andrew Netto, during one of LOL Fest comedy shows, the ‘Laugh-a-thon’. 
Justin Rivera (right), during one of LOL Fest comedy shows, the ‘Laugh-a-thon’. 
Masashi Kumada, during one of LOL Fest comedy shows, the ‘Laugh-a-thon’. 
Before the show, each of us were given a refreshing ice cold Tiger Radler and also a bag of Perfecto popcorn, that comes in chocolate and caramel flavour. The two opening acts were done by local magician comedian from MagicNation. Justin Rivera, an American professional magician and comedian did a pretty good job entertaining the audience with the help of a volunteer.

The LOL Fest stage in Blackbox Publika. Waiting for the show to start.
Daniel Prakash – a local comedian, photographer and YouTube actor is the emcee for the show that I am watching.
Jarred Fell, an award winning comedian magician combines fast-paced razor sharp wit with a tornado-like approach to magic, life and comedy. He really deserved winning the award as he has successfully brought the hall into a big 'LOL' moment. Mixing his 'gay-ish' and 'pervert-ish' attitude into his magic show, some would feel that he was a little harsh or offensive but for me, he's incredibly funny! By the way, he's the very first magician that I have seen bringing out a purple dildo and sucking it pleasurably in front of the audience. Overall, it was an enjoyable night for me.

Jarred Fell during his comedy show “Jarred Fell In Possible” which I have enjoyed very much.
Prior to the festival, visitors to the mall experienced a week-long ‘Laughter Makes The World Go Round’ arts exhibition, which showcased fine arts, doodles and photography. Visitors to the Lemon Garden located at The Square participated in activities such as lemons juggling and 'Spin to Win' contest. Winners were rewarded with exclusive Tiger Radler premiums.

For more information about Tiger Beer and Tiger Radler event, do check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TigerBeerMY and their website at http://www.tigerbeer.com.my.

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