Opening Ceremony of Nana's Green Tea @ Pavilion KL

Nana’s Green Tea Café is proud to announce its new outlet Grand Opening in Pavilion KL on 31st July 2015. Nana’s Green Tea 1st outlet was launched in Apr 2014 in The Gardens Mall, follows by outlets in One Utama and Mid Valley. Do read until the end of the post for the ongoing promotion and also for the 10% off promo code exclusively for my readers and followers! :)

Nana’s Green Tea, a modern Japanese café delivers one-of-its-kind ‘Matcha’, the finest Japanese powdered green tea, which is said to boost metabolism, reduce cholesterol and help to control stress. Nana's Green Tea is a refreshing departure from traditional Japanese culture, giving new idea to the green tea drinking culture, which was once popular in Japan. The café has stayed away from the old- fashioned-conventional interiors and instead opts for chic, hip and fun dining experience, creating a unique ‘New Japanese’ tea house that suits the lifestyle of modern people.

Emcee for the opening ceremony, Goh Wee Ping. He is a Malaysian actor, celebrity MC, TV host, VO talent, celebrity trainer and professional interpreter as well.
The café design concept is based on the idea from Sen-No-Soutan, the grandson of Sen-No-Rikyu, the originator of Japanese tea ceremony. Soutan believed that the spirit of tea ceremony connected with Zen teachings. ‘Tea Ceremony and Zen are identical’ was the teaching of Soutan to his followers.

Nana’s Green Tea will recapture Soutan’s tatami mats hut into the modern tea room in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur outlet. We divided all the compartments with Shoji panels (similar to shoji paper sliding doors); build up the enclosed space with tranquility and Wabi-Sabi feelings, says Mr Yoshida, the interior designer.

Valerie Choo, director of Simply Awesome Sdn Bhd.
 In conjunction with the new outlet opening in Pavilion KL, Nana’s Green Tea café introduce its first Nana’s Supa Parfait, to share with their fans. Nana’s Supa Parfait is an artisan dessert starting with a layer of Kanten jelly and Matcha syrup, then topped with self-serve Vanilla ice-cream, Strawberry jam, Fresh fruits, generous serving of cornflakes, finally garnished with 3 “GIANT” scope of ice-cream, red bean paste, “Nama Chocolat”, “Warabimochi”, “shiratama” and etc.

The opening ceremony launch gimmick.
 The Nana’s Supa Parfait is a “GIANT” parfait that is suitable for a group of at least 6 persons. It is 8 times the size of the much loved parfait that is being sold here, says Valerie Choo, director of Simply Awesome Sdn Bhd.

From left to right: Mr Manny Chin, Mr Kazuto Kutami, Ms Valerie Choo, Mr Anthony Lock
From left to right: Wee Ping, Gary 石顺文, OneFM Wayne, OnFM Dylan 梁佑诚, OneFM Nicholas 翁书蔚, Ms Valerie Choo, 黄启铭, Bell宇田, Pauline 陈俐杏, 周周, SenChia, Derrick, Lennis Ang
A picture of the talents; Pauline, Charlene and Alex at the event backdrop.
A shot of us with Ms Valerie Choo. Thanks to Jean for this awesome shot.
New friends who I met at the opening ceremony of Nana's Green Tea.
Some finger food to munch on while waiting for the event to start.
This exclusive parfait promotion is only available at Nana’s Green Tea Café, Pavilion KL. Reminder to those who are interested, 1 day prior booking is required and only valid for the month of August 2015, from 3pm onwards daily. Each Nana’s Supa Parfait is price at RM 180.

Special Promotion for Nana’s Supa Parfait on your birthday!

Here's a teaser of the dishes that I had at the event. I will post up a separate food review on Nana's Green Tea very soon. So stay tuned! :)

Despite the name, Nana’s Green Tea actually serves more than just green tea – it offers the wide selection of Japanese cuisine. Variety of sweets menu, such as Matcha Soft Cream Latte, Parfait, Anmitsu and food such as Locomoco Hamburg, Seafood Mentaiko Udon with cream sauce & etc, are also popular with wide range of customers. In addition to the regular menu, seasonal drinks and sweets are served as well, dedicated to foodies and dessert’s lovers, which is quite impossible to state every single item here.

Some of the signatures and ‘must-try’ Food and Beverage at Nana’s Green Tea which are Matcha Shiratama Float, Hoji Chocolate Latte, Matcha “Nama Chocolat” Parfait, Hoji “Warabimochi” Parfait, Matcha Soft Cream Anmitsu, Locomoco Hamburg, Salmon Don, Chicken Cutlet Curry, Chicken Karaage Curry Udon

The birthday king / queen may enjoy your free birthday treat ONLY at Nana’s Green Tea Café Pavilion KL for the month of August 2015. With a minimum spent of RM180, Nana’s Supa Parfait is yours for free! Reminder to those who are interested, 1 day prior booking is required and only valid for the month of August 2015, from 3pm onwards daily.

Besides that, customers also may enjoy your 50% off on Nana’s Supa Parfait if you spending of RM 200 in single receipt (dine-in only). This promotion ONLY available at Nana’s Green Tea café, Pavilion KL on the month of August 2015.

For the month of August, do drop by to taste August special desserts and food which are the Tropical Parfait, Mango Coconut Hotcake, Mango Coconut Latte and Sweet & Sour Fish with Rice.

Last but not least, here's the promised 10% off promo code on your bill at all Nana's Green Tea outlets in Malaysia. It's only valid until end of August. So better hurry and head over there! :D

As of now, they have 4 outlets in Klang Valley and they are all located at the popular malls:-
The Gardens Mall – LG231A, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City
One Utama – LG355. Lower Ground Floor, One Utama Shopping Centre
Mid Valley – T-045A, 3rd Floor Mezzanine, Mid Valley Megamall
Pavilion KL – Lot L6.01.01, Level 6, Pavilion KL

For more information on Nana’s Green Tea, please visit

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