Tiger Street Food Journey from Kuala Lumpur to Penang (Tiger Bites)

We Malaysian love our street food and are spoilt for various choice. No matter what time of the day, I myself wouldn't mind to indulge myself with a satisfying local delights. So recently, Tiger Beer challenges us to a quest to uncage different street flavours our country has to offer. In this blog post, I will be talking about my 2 days 1 night food journey from KL to Penang to explore the local food along the way.

Tiger Beer invited a slew of media to join an 18-car convoy on a two-day street food trail to Ipoh and Penang for an unconventional gastronomic experience. Photo by Tiger Beer Malaysia
Those in Penang will boast that they have best char kuey teow and assam laksa, or those in Ipoh will tell you their hor fun is the best. However, Tiger Beer believes that there are hidden gems not known to the masses and is challenging foodies to uncage the secret street food havens throughout Malaysia in a campaign called, Tiger Bites.

Tiger Beer marketing manager Jessie Chuah. Photo by Tiger Beer Malaysia
We gathered at our meeting point at GAB Malaysia and we had our briefing and breakfast there. Tiger Beer marketing manager Jessie Chuah in her welcome note said, “I think it’s safe to say that street food is a big part of Malaysian culture, whether in the big cities or smaller towns. We all have our favourite spots but there are so much more out there yet to be discovered hence this new initiative we like to call Tiger Bites.

“Through this campaign, we urge foodies to embark on a food hunt to uncage street flavours and share it with fellow Malaysians through a little contest we’ve also put together in conjunction. We are certain this campaign will appeal to all food lovers.

As we depart at 11am, we headed to our first stop point at Ipoh where we have our lunch. We had dry curry noodles at Kedai Kopi Woh Heng.

Dry curry noodles topped with prawn, shredded chicken meat and char siew.
Bloggers feed their gadgets first before they feed their mouth. Haha... Photo by Tiger Beer Malaysia
Jason Leong, Malaysia local stand-up comedian entertained us during lunch.
Picked up some apom manis before check into our hotel. Photo by Tiger Beer Malaysia
After lunch, we took off and head straight to Penang. After a few hours car ride, we have finally reached Penang and we took a short stop at one of the apom stall.

Penang apom manis, originating from India that resembles crepes. It's soft and sweet. Best to consume while it's still warm.

We checked into our hotel and after a short rest, we headed to our dinner venue which located at Carnavon Street. We were welcome by Chinese drum performance that are incorporated with the sound of the char kway teow being cooked in a big wok.

This awesomely cooked Tiger Char Kway Teow is located in Kafe Ping Hooi.

Other than char kway teow, we also got to try out the loh bak – an assorted plate of goodness with sweet sauce and chilli dipping.

I like this bak kut teh as the herbal taste in the soup is quite strong and also the straw mushroom taste actually blends in pretty well with the soup and pork together.
Soon after we had our dinner, we headed to our next makan place which is at Old Green House. There's quite a lot of food variety there such as bak kut teh, porridge, prawn mee, loh mee and many more.

We also ordered oyster omelette from one of the stall at Old Green House. We went back to our hotel room with our bloated stomach and a big smile on our face.

In the next morning, we were spoilt with bed in breakfast. We had carrot cake, har gaw (prawn dumpling), roti canai, kaya toast, hard boiled egg, roti canai served with tea or coffee.

Kuey Teow Th'ng topped with home made eelballs and a good amount of pork slices.
At noon we headed to Pitt Street to have our lunch. We had Pit Street Kuey Teow Th'ng and one bowl wasn't enough for me.

We got to take back some 'bahu' or pork floss which taste really good and not the common pork floss that I had. It is dry but crispy, an irresistible snack that I would love to get more. It's by Aunty Ke Ai, her stall is at Lorong Selamat.

Going around Penang looking for good food is a pleasant experience despite a little traffic congestion, it's not as bad as KL but it's still bad for Penangites. Haha... There's a lot of heritage and colonial buildings that are well maintained and definitely would be perfect for shutter bugs to snap away with their cameras.

There's plenty of colourful and beautiful street art on the buildings everywhere in Penang. We left Penang after lunch and headed straight to KL and our last makan place is in Sea Park SS2.

We stopped at Flying Wanton Mee stall for dinner and also we got to witness the 'flying wanton mee' making procedure as well as performance by some jugglers.

I am not sure what's the benefit of tossing the wanton mee high up but I like their bbq pork / char siew a lot.

There were also some roasted chicken and steamed chicken served other than the flying wanton noodles. The steamed chicken was good.

While the members of the media got a taste of what’s to come, fellow Malaysians can participate in the campaign by creating a trail for others to follow as they uncover hidden food gems through a microsite. All they have to do is to sign up and start dropping pins along their way. Their efforts will be rewarded as exciting prizes await those that participate in this seven-week long contest.

14 sets of GoPro, phone lens and selfie tripod will be given to participants with the best street food post on Instagram or pin dropped via microsite. At the end of the contest period, one participant who put together the best street food trail (which combines the most number of pins dropped and the longest trail in kilometers) will be rewarded with an all-expense paid trip to Taiwan for two where more great street flavours await. 

The excitement does not end there. In celebration of this new campaign, Tiger Bites will throw an exclusive festival filled with the finest street food with ice cold Tiger Beers as accompaniment. Sounds appetising? For exclusive invites, create your food trail and start dropping pins today. 

To find out more information on Tiger Bites, log on to www.tigerbites.com.my.

.: Peace Out :.