Waze and Ambi Pur Introduce the First Voice Prompt in Bahasa Malaysia Voiced by Harith Iskander

I am sure most of the Malaysian drivers these days are using Waze to navigate them to places they are not familiar with. So now you can actually be guided by Harith Inskander's voice.

Users of Waze App (http://www.waze.com) in Malaysia now have the convenient option of receiving voice prompts and directions in Bahasa Malaysia, voiced entirely by Malaysia’s favorite comedian and prominent personality, Harith Iskander. This new initiative, a collaboration between Waze and Ambi Pur, marks a milestone as the first Bahasa Malaysia voice prompt to be made available in the country.

Julie Mossler, Spokeswoman for Waze said, “We are very excited to collaborate with Ambi Pur and Harith Iskander. Thousands of users already set the written language of their Waze map to Bahasa Malaysia every day, but this new voice option opens up a whole new segment of drivers who are most comfortable with audio directions in their native language. We expect this to be a new refreshing experience for existing users of Bahasa Malaysia, as well as a strong initiative to attract new users to the application.”

Waze is a free, crowdsourced navigation application that provides the most efficient routes based on real-time road conditions. Drivers who are connected to Waze can contribute by reporting various road conditions, creating a better picture on what is happening on local roads. The app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It only takes a few steps to download the voice guidance by Harith Iskander. Just follow the steps below:- 
Settings > Sound > Voice Language > Bahasa Malaysia (BM) – Harith Iskander.

Waze’s partnership with Ambi Pur aims to give Malaysian drivers a smooth and refreshing ride wherever their destination may be.

Louie Morante, Regional Communications Manager for Procter & Gamble, makers of Ambi Pur, said, “At Ambi Pur, we always aim to freshen the air either in your home or in your car. Over recent decades, we have grown together with Malaysian car-owners and have a supportive following here. In our continuous effort to make Malaysian drivers ‘breathe happy’, we are excited to partner with Waze so we can provide a truly refreshing driving experience as Ambi Pur eliminates odours in your car while Harith Iskander accompanies you with this new innovative voice prompt.”

More information about this new initiative can be obtained by logging on to www.facebook.com/AmbiPurMY

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