Restoran Sang Nyuk Noodle @ SS15 Subang Jaya (Food Review) Non-halal

This is a #throwback blog post which I intended to blog about it for a very long time. So the taste of the food and price may have changed over time.

I was invited by the owner of Restoran Sang Nyuk Noodle to taste their signature Sabah dishes which is the famous Sang Nyuk Noodle. The restaurant have started their operation since late May this year and is getting a lot of good responses from the customers. 

Their noodle recipe is originated from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in 1988. Their key ingredients are flown in all the way from KK, Sabah just to ensure the delicacy’s authenticity is preserved. Sang Nyuk Noodle was “invented” in Tawau in 1979, and became so popular that you can find it everywhere in Sabah but only few in Klang Valley. That is the reason why they are here to bring you the best from Sabah, an authentic dish that you can’t miss.

Their ingredients are freshly made daily but they got their supplies all the way from KK. Sang nyuk literally means raw meat but their dish is 100% well cooked. They also used pork chop, the part that contained the least fat as their main ingredient.

Lunch is served. Variety of dishes including the Sang Nyuk Noodle, pork crisps were also served as seen at the middle in the picture.

Sang Nyuk Mee Noodle – Dry (RM6.90)
Although I knew there's a few shop or stalls that sell Sang Nyuk Noodle but so far I've only tried two restaurants in Klang Valley but this one, I'll give two thumbs up. The noodles are definitely not the exact one that I had in KK but it taste good. The sauce is delicious, the noodles are nicely cooked and the highlight goes to the bowl of pork soup. The soup was cooked nicely and filled with the aroma of pork. I am currently salivating by just looking at the picture of it at this very moment.

A generous bowl of sang nyuk soup that simply made me happy through out the entire meal.

Sang Nyuk Meehoon Noodle – Dry (RM6.90)
Normally I prefer to mix mee with meehoon or kuay teow with meehoon but for this round, I didn't mix things around just to have a real taste of every single type of noodles on its own.

Mixed Sang Nyuk Soup (RM5.90) consisting of pork meat, meatball, liver, intestine and heart. Really a heart warming bowl of soup and it's definitely a good choice for those who don't want to have noodles.

Their mushroom chicken feet is so tender that it melts in my mouth. The sauce was quite delicious too, not spicy and really appetising before starting off with the noodles.

Mushroom chicken feet (RM5.90) is something that I will order again in my next visit.

Sang Nyuk Hor Fun Noodle Soup (RM6.90). This is good too for those who didn't want to have dry noodles with strong soya sauce taste.

Tendon Meatball Soup RM5.90
I rarely have tendon meatball so I was quite curious how it will taste like. I didn't really like it that much as it has a very strong ginger taste in it but the pork itself is quite tender.

This Tendon Meatball Soup would have been perfect if the ginger is toned down to half.

Ham Kit (dry salted lime), Kit Chai (lime with sour plum) and Lemon Tea. These three drinks are RM2.50 each. For true Sabahan, these drinks are no stranger but for my case, I don't remember that I have ever ordered any Ham Kit in Sabah. Ham kit, or dry salted lime drink, is mainly found in Chinese coffee shops and is somewhat a distant relative of the Kit Chai. Ham Kit is ideally served as a warm herbal drink for people who are nursing a bad cough or sore throat.

No negative comments on either of these three drinks, they are definitely way better choice than soft drinks and good to have during a blazing hot day.

Verdict: I like how close their Sang Nyuk Noodle taste in comparison with the one I had in Sabah. Of course it's not perfect but I am sure if you can't fly to Sabah and have a bowl of authentic Sang Nyuk Noodle, you won't be disappointed having it at Restoran Sang Nyuk Noodle. The price is still affordable and the portion was right. So I do recommend for every Sabahan who lives in Klang Valley to give it a try.

Have you tried it? What do you think? Do leave me a comment in the comment section down below.

Restoran Sang Nyuk Noodle
53, Jalan SS15/4E Subang Jaya,
47500 Selangor
Tel: +603 5612 2868

Operating Hours: 
Monday – Friday 9:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday – Sunday 8:00am – 9:00pm
WiFi provided.

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