The Bride (屍憶) Movie Review

Taiwanese ghost marriage film "The Bride" produced by the Japanese master of horror, Takashige Ichise.

Genre: Horror
Release Date: 12 November 2015
Duration: 90 Minutes
Rating: PG13
Director: Lingo Hsieh
Starring: Chris Wu & Nikki Hsieh

Synopsis: TV producer Cheng-ho is having a time of his life. His career in the TV station is going well, and he also starts living together with his fiancée. But ever since he picks up a red envelope in a park, he keeps having a nightmare about an old mansion. After paying a visit to a psychic, he realizes that it is his memory of the previous incarnation...

Producer Takashige Ichise was behind the 1998 film Ring, which created a Sadako phenomenon
throughout Asia. On collaborating with a Taiwanese director to make a Taiwanese horror film,
Takashige Ichise explained that to make a Taiwanese horror film stand out, local customs must
be incorporated.

Helmed by the first-time director Lingo Hsieh and starring Chris Wu and Nikki Hsieh, The Bride has been praised as the most terrifying horror film in recent times, successfully combining Taiwanese folk custom and Japanese horror elements. 

Comments: Gone are the days where Japanese and Thai horror film were scary. This time, it's a horror film directed by a first-time director Lingo Hsieh did quite well despite being new as a movie director. The productions of the movie was professional and doesn't seems like a low budgeted movie. Well both Chris Wu and Nikki Hsieh are too expensive to act in a cheap movie anyway. This movie does have some praise-able scare scene but there's a few times that illogical sound effects to scare the audience were used. For example, the closet door slamming that sounded like a mixture of deep bass + echo. That's just bad sound effect there. There's also lack of character development especially on the main cast's best friend and the woman that he's working with on a show. The positive side, there's some good looking people in this movie!

Conclusion: Although scary, the plot is still quite predictable but the final scene did make my entire one and a half hour sitting in the cinema, worthwhile.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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