Chinese New Year Menu at KIP Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

If you are looking for a place to dine with your colleagues or friends before Chinese New Year, you may want to take a look at the menu offered by KIP Hotel. All the dishes are specially prepared by Executive Chef Simon Lee and his team of talented chefs with dining offers that’s not to be missed. 

Salmon with Abalone Slices Yee Sang
 KIP Hotel, the latest business class hotel situated in the pulsating commercial district of Sri Utara, along Jalan Kuching, celebrates its very first Chinese New Year festivities since opening its doors in October 2015. For the Chinese New Year menu, there's 2 type which is the Set A and Set B. We were served with Set B through out the food tasting.

A Malaysian Chinese culture to lousang during Chinese New Year season and it has been declared as one of the food heritage in Malaysia. I truly love having yee sang with a good portion of fresh salmon, abalone slices and also lots of crackers! Definitely a great dish to start with! :D

Hot and Cold Combination Platter
 The hot and cold combination platter is not a stranger to those who have been to a typical Chinese wedding dinner. The one thing which is different on this platter compared to the rest is the crackers and also the gummy candies on the plate that I am sure will attract children into having this dish.

Shark Fin with Dried Scallop Soup
 Shark fin soup is indeed a luxury in Chinese cuisine these days. I enjoyed the texture, taste and the fragrance from every ingredient that they used to cook this bowl of shark fin soup.

Deep Fried Boneless Chicken with Mandarin Sauce
 This chicken dish is different from the lemon chicken dish, the taste is not sourish but more towards sweetness that will be suitable for all age especially the children. The chicken is well cooked and tender. I do admire the effort of the kitchen staff to peel those mini mandarin oranges just for the side decoration on the plate.

Steamed Silver Cod Fillet Hong Kong Style
 The steamed silver cod fillet is my favorite dish in the menu. The fish is superbly fresh with nice springy sensation on the fish meat. The sauce is just nice, not too salty and full of flavor. 

Kam Heong Baby Lobsters
I enjoy eating prawn when I was young since there's plenty of nice seafood in my hometown Sabah and this Kam Heong Baby Lobsters manage to remind of the prawn dish that I had back then. The prawns were fresh, the texture is springy and the kam heong sauce is sweet and savory.

Hong Siew Chinese Cabbage with Dried Oysters, Sea Cucumber, Mushroom and Fattchoy
 The fattchoy in this dish is also know as black moss or hair weed actually means 'gaining wealth' in Chinese language. This is why the usage of fattchoy during Chinese New Year is higher due to that reason. This hong siew dish is slightly plain compared to the rest of the dishes, maybe due to that I find that it's quite tasteless after all the sweet and savory dishes earlier. Although it's not as tasteful, the mushrooms were quite juicy and the sea cucumber is smooth. Must consume more collagens before Chinese New Year lah! Haha...

There's also a Fried Rice with Scallops and Pine Nuts dish which I forgotten to snap a picture of. 
It might be just me but I can't get why all Chinese cuisine only serve the rice dish towards the end of the course. I would prefer it to be served first to eat it together with the rest of the dishes. What do you think about my thought?

Sesame Lotus Balls
 As for our dessert, we had the sesame lotus balls and snow fungus red dates in syrup. The skin of the sesame lotus balls were quite thin, which I really like. The snow fungus dessert is cooling and just nice as the final dish after a heavy meal.

Snow Fungus and Red Dates in Syrup
KIP Hotel’s 2016 Chinese New Year set menu will feature a selection of two exquisite nine-course dinner menus; Set Menu A priced at RM988nett and Set Menu B priced at RM1188nett per table of ten (10) persons. For an even more enticing reunion, KIP Hotel is offering a complimentary eleventh (11th) table upon purchase of ten (10) tables.

The Chinese New Year Set Dinner promotion will run from 16 January 2016 till 7 February 2016. So if you are planning to have a Chinese New Year dinner with your family, friends or co-worker, you might want to try this menu at KIP Hotel. Huah ah!!!

.: Peace Out :.