Silk Road, a Cultural, Art and Culinary Appreciation @ Metal Bees

On 16th of January, I attended an event called Silk Road which is located at Metal Bees, Sunway Damansara Technology Park. Most of us may have known that the Silk Road is an ancient network of trade routes that were central to cultural interaction through regions of the Asian continent connecting the West. So let's take a look at what this event has prepared for the guest.

Metal Bees was the venue for Silk Road event. It has a huge area that is quite suitable to hold events and the concrete industrial look of it is actually quite creative for an event space.
It was quite cooling that evening since it had rained before the event starts. Silk Road was a night that promises many surprising experiences, among which was the unique first-class culinary treat by renowned chef James Won of Enfin.

Some nice visuals related to the event hanged along the entrance.

From left to right: Xiangcool, Samantha, Joanna, Michelle, Samuel and myself.
At the event, group photos are pretty much a necessity. Haha!

From left to right: Reiko, Koey, Sandy and Rane.
Gong xi, gong xi! From Jason and I! :D
There is reason why we took so many photos at the Silk Road backdrop. All of us wanna try our luck to win this limited edition Hennessy X.O. bottle! :D

There were a few activities at Silk Road such as this Tea Ceremony where guest gets to try some of the tea they prepared. It's a ritual passed down for generations and it's even done during our Chinese weddings in Malaysia.

Jacky Chow,  the one and only Malaysian Chinese rainbow calligrapher the Chinese rainbow calligraphy area. For those who doesn't have a Chinese name, he can actually translate it those names into Chinese characters which was quite cool.

Julie Woon, the emcee for Silk Road. 
At 8.15pm, the emcee – Julie Woon invited all the guest to enter the dining area as the culinary experience by chef James Won is about to start.

There's Chinese umbrella, bird cage and Chinese lantern hanging on the ceiling and they can move up and down.

Our menu for the evening!

There was a huge visual projection on the wall which are related to every dish that we were having and I can say that they really put up a lot of effort on preparing the interesting videos.

This was our first entrée. It is a combination of scallop, calamari, citrus, mints and petals. It is said to have an arromatic, creamy and smoothness in this dish which I agreed. The size of the scallop was really huge and I enjoyed the crispiness of the calamari.

Next up was our second entrée – Green tea salmon 40°, smoked cucumber, textures of potato and green beurre Blanc. Refreshing, fragrant and floral was the taste delivery in this dish. I admired the dehydrated potato slices which are then deep fried. The salmon was nicely cooked as well.

For the plat principal, we had the cordyceps chicken on chlorophyll carpet, porcini mushrooms and pâtes de riz. It's quite a mouthful to pronounce the ingredients in this dish. Haha! The chicken was really tender and the mushroom was springy. It's a really filling dish to end with.

Last but not least, time for dessert! We had a combination of plum, cheese, chocolate and basil. I don't mind to have a second serving for this one.

Classical Chinese song performance accompanied us through out our culinary experience.

Chef James Won explained to us all the dishes which he had prepared for us. The way he talk was quite entertaining that evening since he added some humour into his speech.
Chef James Won is an ex-medical specialist that had spent many years in French kitchens and later became the only Malaysian to be named ambassador for the prestigious champagne house of Krug. He later opens his own restaurant called Enfin which is located at Menara Hap Seng in KL.

Chef James Woon and Enfin Culinary Team had done a really good job on serving all the dishes and also ensuring the quality and freshness of every ingredients which they have prepared for all the guest.

Ending the night by collecting my Chinese rainbow calligraphy art work. It contains five out of twelve type of characters which is the dragon (powerful), fish (prosperity), mountain (strength), singing bird (happy life) and butterfly (beauty). All characters have its own meanings. Can you spot all five of them?

It was indeed a night to remember with all the exotic and irresistible experiences inspired by the far east in Silk Road.

.: Peace Out :.