Chang Beer’s Chang New Green Bottle (Review)

After work on a Tuesday, my girlfriend and I decided to visit Hard Rock Café along Jalan Sultan Ismail in KL. It was my first time visiting Hard Rock Café even though I have been living in Klang Valley for more than 6 years now!

Other than that, I was told that I could get Chang Beer over there. Some of you might have already heard or knew about Chang Beer especially when you are a frequent traveller to Thailand.

Chang Beer is originated from Thailand, which started production in March 1995 at their brewery in Bang Ban district of Ayutthaya Province… thank you Wikipedia!

For those who watch English Premiere League, Chang Beer is the sponsor of Everton Football Club. Currently they are on the 11th place in the EPL standings, just right above Chelsea. LOL!

The new bottle is easier to hold and the new label did make it looks more premium than the old bottle. 

As for the beer, the colour is pale blonde and fizzy since it’s highly carbonated. Doesn't have a big taste profile but it is smooth, crisp and refreshing. Mild bitterness but the thing that I like most is the light aftertaste. 

I don’t really fancy beer with strong aftertaste that lingers around my mouth for hours. Definitely the perfect beer for a hot day in the sun! I think it will go well with spicy and deep-fry food.

Add captionEnjoying my night drinking Chang Beer with my girlfriend.
I will definitely recommend Chang Beer to whoever prefers beer that has a gentle taste and easy to drink.

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