Do you ever feel secured at your workplace? Well, I do now!

Back in my college period, I've learnt a lot of things about safety precaution when handling heavy duty mechanical equipment in the workshop as well as hand tools. I still remember there was one case where my friends and I were doing our welding project and we were exposed to the smoke too long that our eyes became red and led to conjunctivitis. That was a painful experience.

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Being a graduate in Mechanical Engineering, I knew that I must wear a pair of safety gloves, safety boots and a hard hat at all times within the work area. Yet we can never be 100% sure that accident would not happen.

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I was offered to work in a Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) consultancy firm and I needed to do site visits frequently to monitor the progress of certain ongoing projects. I can tell you that in a construction site, anything can happen. Even if you are fully equipped with safety gears, you are still not 100% guaranteed safe.

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When I get hurt at work, I know that my company will pay for my medical bill within a fee limit. In my case, I can only claim a maximum amount of RM500 a month. Anything more than that, it's gonna be from my own pocket. That sucks!

 There's another thing as well. Some companies only cover our medical bills during working hours which is 9am to 5pm. What about when we are heading to work in our car or after work?

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Anyway, I'm not writing this to scare my readers. There's actually something that you can do to ensure you are protected financially from all those things which I mentioned earlier. Yes, it’s health insurance and contrary to what some of us might think, it is a necessity especially in time of need. Choosing a health insurance plan that provides the amount of coverage you’ll likely need at the right cost is a difficult task?  Well, do not fret – Sun Life Malaysia has developed an interactive web portal that aims to help you understand your financial needs through an engaging roleplaying game format. The portal showcases Sun Life Malaysia’s Money for Life financial approach that helps you be prepared for life, through  a full suite of financial solutions for folks just like us.

With their Health plan, I can now do my daily job as well as enjoy my active lifestyle knowing that my medical bills will be taken care of whenever accident happens.

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