AirAsia X 3-Day Flash Sale Happening Now!

Today I found out that AirAsia X has began their 3-day flash sale. The promo is happening today until 13th May 2016. Travel time is between 14th until 31st August 2016. That means you can still grab tickets at a very affordable price even if you are planning to fly this weekend!

AirAsia X offers all in fare starting from RM199. Prices are vary according to different destinations. If you are wondering which destination are offered at RM199, it's Perth, Australia. Maybe now it's the best time to visit the beaches, Swan River, King's Park and many more in Perth!

Flying to destinations such as Korea and Japan are quite affordable too! :D

Check out AirAsia X's promo video below:-

For more info regarding the promotion, check out their webpage here.

.: Peace Out :.