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There was once when I was covering an event, my phone battery went flat and I did not have any battery bank nor I brought my phone charging cable with me. It was quite frustrating as I need to get my phone working in order to update whatever important highlights from the event. The worse scenario is that I try to find the location of the event and I couldn't find it since I cannot contact the PR person to guide me to the location.

Sometimes I blame myself for not making sure my phone battery is 100% before I head out but sometimes it's inevitable especially when I was out whole day. My whole point is, I need a powerbank. Not just any powerbank, but a good one that can charge my phone a few times on a single charge of the powerbank. One good example is the DG-100, dual USB high performance slim power bank made with metal material. It is fitted with genuine 8,000mah Lithium Polymer battery which definitely can charge my phone several times.

DG-100 is dual USB high performance slim power bank made with metal material. It is fitted with genuine 8,000mah Lithium Polymer battery.

YV Marketing is one of the leading importer and wholesaler of corporate gift supplier in Malaysia. Their wide selections of the quality corporate gifts are suitable for any occasions such as product launching, annual dinner, souvenirs for staffs or any promotional events. In order to maintain their company as a leading corporate premium gifts company in Malaysia, they are constantly exploring the latest promotional gifts with latest innovative idea, design and trends to keep pace with their valued clients. 

Thus, their range of corporate gifts is always able to meet customer requirements and most of the time exceeds customer expectations for the price paid. They provide items such as promotional bag, drinkware, keychain, USB flash drive, stationaries, recycle bag and even eco-friendly gift.

What really caught my attention is the dry fit round neck shirt. As a person who's into fitness, I do prefer getting dry fit shirt for my daily work out routine and weekly run. Plus it's a good shirt to wear to sleep at night. For those who plan to get a team shirt for any sort of programme and activities can consider getting it from there since it's really cheap when you buy in bulk.

Do you know any interesting corporate gift that is out of the ordinary. If you do, go ahead and write them down at the comment section down below.

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