The Under Armour Test of Will 2016 at Sunway Pyramid

On April 23rd, I was at Sunway Pyramid for the Under Armour Test of Will 2016. The event is an elite Southeast Asia regional event like no other that is accessible to everyone with the will to train.

Briefly, the challenge is consisting of 4 types of fitness challenge and to be completed in 1-minute each. I can say that it's not easy as I tried to replicate the same challenge during my personal work out session.

The 2-day event was held at the center court of Sunway Pyramid 
The fitness challenge is distinctively curated for the growing community of advanced athletes, high achievers and fitness enthusiasts with a drive for competition across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. The first national heat kicked off in Singapore followed by the Philippines, and will be hitting Thailand soon, whereby the two highest scoring men and women of the national heats from the respective country will then compete in the Grand Finale in Singapore.

Over the course of two days, the Malaysia’s national heat attracted over 803 contestants competing under one roof. Each of them was required to complete a 4-minute circuit challenge that assesses pure functional fitness through callisthenic motion using body weight and simple gear. 

The circuit challenge comprised of four sets of exercises: burpees, squats, dumbbell presses and pull-ups (inclined pull-ups for women), where each contestant was to complete the maximum number of reps he or she can achieve within 60 seconds respectively. 

Contestants were also treated with an intensity challenge organised by Subaru, where they were required  to carry and stack eight tyres from one end to another as fast as possible. The fastest female or male to stack the eight tyres will win RM300 worth of Subaru merchandise. 

Contestant challenging himself with the intensity challenge by Subaru.

Under Armour Malaysia’s Brand Athlete, Nana al Haleq continued to test her will at the 1-minute pull-ups.

Linora Low interviewing Hansen Lee before his turn to do the challenge.

On top of that, the crowd was entertained by a showdown between Captain America and Iron Man, played by our very own Malaysia’s Brand Athlete Kit Mah and Peter Davis. The Under Armour Civil War Alter Ego collection is now available at all the brand houses.

Choose your side – Team Captain America (Kit Mah) vs Team Iron Man (Peter Davis). Can I choose both? Those Under Armour Civil War Alter Ego compressions looks really nice!

Jonathan Wong and Andrew Kwan were the best under the male category with the highest score of 148 and 145, while Elaine Hong Ai Leen and Letchumi Sinadurai made the ladies proud by emerging as the top scorers for the female category, scoring a total rep of 217 and 193 respectively. These four winners have won a trip to Singapore to compete in the Under Armour Test of Will Grand Finale which will be held on 28 May 2016 at Gardens by the Bay. 

The top scorers for the challenge on Saturday evening.
 At the Grand Finale, the best contestants from the four countries will battle it out over a series of challenges in a specially built 14-metre tower designed to test strength, endurance, determination and will. The overall winner will become Under Armour’s Southeast Asia Brand Athlete and receive a 12-month Under Armour sponsorship package. On top of that, both winners in the male and female categories will be featured in leading health magazines, Men’s Health Singapore and SHAPE Singapore.

I find the event to be very interesting and I saw a lot of men were having a tough time in completing the challenge, even for those who are really fit. Maybe next year I will try my luck? Haha...

Anyway, if you are interested to know more about The Under Armour Test of Will 2016, you can check out their website page here.

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