Dim Sum & Co at Publika, KL (Review)

Growing up, dim sum has been a part of my life. I consumed eat in the morning for breakfast and late at night for supper. I still remember there's this coffee shop near my house in Labuan where I used to have my dim sum and my dad will order a few bottle of beer. That's beer and dim sum for me back then. Now, as I am residing in KL, it's not easy to find a place where I can have dim sum and beer at the same time. However, I have recently found a place nearby which served both dim sum and beer – Dim Sum & Co.

Nothing beats having a cold beer with my favorite dim sum on a weekday evening
 It’s dim sum joint first and bar second. While Dim Sum & Co shares the same premises as The Beer Factory Express, which operates from 4pm onward to cater to the happy hour crowd, dim sum is the focus of the kitchen – dim sum is served all day at this cozy establishment.

Molten Lava/Charcoal Bun (RM8.90 / 2pcs)
These pink little buns are molten salted egg custard encased inside the buns. It's visually attractive especially to children and the molten salted egg custard does oozed out like those you have seen on videos. The custard taste was savoury and pleasant, best to consume when it's still warm.

Siew Mai (RM7.90 / 3pcs)
What is dim sum without ordering a basket of Siew Mai? It's minced chicken & shrimp dumpling topped with masago. By the way, the dim sum in Dim Sum & Co is pork free.

Oriental Chicken Wings – Steamed chicken wings served with oriental herb sauce (RM6.90). This is just like the steamed pork ribs which I usually have but it's chicken instead of pork. A little too salty for my liking but I guess there's beer to compensate the taste.

Szechuan dumpling – Szechuan style chicken dumpling served with chilli oil (RM8.90 / 3pcs). This chicken dumpling is likeable and best to eat while it's still warm.

One of the dish in my 'must order' list whenever I have dim sum, it's the Shrimp Roll or Chee Cheong Fun (RM9.90). Steamed rice flour roll with fresh shrimp in savoury sauce. The shrimp was tasty but the rice flour roll was a bit too soft.

Thai Pandan Chicken – Deep fried Thai-marinated chicken wrapped in pandan leaf (RM6.90 / 2pcs). Despite being a bit small in portion size, the chicken was tender and tasty.

Charcoal egg tartlet – Baked petite flaky charcoal-pastry filled with sweet egg-custard (RM9.90 / 3pcs). The crust was indeed flaky and crispy. I don't mind to have more of this.

Another 'must order' in my list. It's the Loh Mai Gai (RM7.90), steamed glutinous rice with mushroom and chicken.

This is a dish recommended here, it's the Tasty Chicken Ball (RM 8.90 / 3 pcs). Deep fried mince chicken bun served with mayo dip.

Fluffy Yam Bites (RM 9.90 / 2pcs) deep fried yam and bbq minced chicken dumpling.

Homemade Fish Ball (RM6.90 / 2 pcs). The fish ball paste is quite noticeable in this one. Not too salty for me, good to have it with some chilli sauce.

My favorite dish in Dim Sum & Co is the Cheese Chicken & Onion Puff (RM8.90 / 2pcs) which is the baked flaky charcoal pastry field with chicken onion and cheese. The combination of chicken onion and cheese in this puff was excellent and luscious at the same time.

Crispy Avo Roll (RM9.90 / 2pcs) is deep fried avocado puree wrapped in thin rice vermicelli. I was not sure why I tasted banana in the avocado puree although I am into avocado. Perhaps they have the same sweetness and texture.

Diced Onion Bun (RM7.90 / 2pcs) pan seared spring onion bun which is also one of the unique dish available in Dim Sum & Co. The seared spring onion was quite enticing but somehow the bun felt thick.

Washing down all the good dim sum with a pint of creamy Guinness is truly satisfying.

This is Iced Milk Tea (RM9.90) served in a bronze mug? It reminds me of the Madras Tea which I used to have back in Kota Kinabalu. It's sweet and filled with the robust taste from the tea.

Nice artwork on the front page of the menu.

If you’re looking for a place to wind down after work and probable having some dim sum at the same time, Dim Sum & Co got you covered – happy hour deals and bar snacks to round up your day.

Some interior shots of the place. A great place to hang out with friends and family over food and some beer.

Overall, the food was decent. The price is quite fair since it's in a mall and plus point for being so close to where I stay. I can't say that they have the best dim sum since I prefer the ones with pork, I love pork too much. However, they do have some great choices of pork free dim sum. Try them out today and let me know your comment.

Dim Sum & Co
A2-G2-1, Publika Shopping Gallery,
Solaris Dutamas, No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening hours: 8am until 12midnight (Tues-Sun)

For more information and upcoming promotion at Dim Sum & Co, check out their Facebook page at www.fb.com/DimSumCoMalaysia.

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