The Gastronomic Adventure at NY Steak Shack, Sunway Pyramid

The other day I was at NY Steak Shack in Sunway Pyramid to try out their new dishes offered in their latest promotion. NY Steak Shack which is famous for its succulent yet affordable steaks and burgers range, is now offering something new – The Gastronomic Adventure.

Spicy Salsa Lamb Burger (RM25.33 with GST) – Lamb burger (165gms) cooked to order and served with spicy, sweet and sour salsa sauce.
The Gastronomic Adventure started since May 6th until July 31st 2016. Their menu will be offering a new line up of The Sensational and Sizzling Sharing Platters from only RM18.90 onward.

If you are a single diner (or prefer not to share... haha) and ready for some of the gastronomic adventure, the Spicy Salsa Lamb Burger at RM23.90 (RM25.33 with GST) is freshly made and served with their homemade sweet, spicy and sour salsa sauce. The patty was thick, juicy and tender and I did enjoy the salsa sauce, that has a slight kick on the spicy side.

This is D'bomb! :D 
D'Bomb, is homemade giant meatball (l50gms) garnered with brown sauce served with toasted oregano bun and grilled corn.

Priced at RM10.50 with GST, the meatball is big and packed with minced meat, minced onions, carrots and other vege which are great for kids who dislike eating veges. The Oregano bun was good too and I feel that the grilled corn and sliced tomato is sufficient for those who have a small appetite.

Buffalo wings which can be ordered from the normal menu, also included in one of their Sizzling Sharing Platters – Meaty Affairs
 NY Steak Shack believes that the best kind of food is the kind we share. Starting from RM59.90 (RM63.50 with GST), their new Sizzling Sharing Platters are quite satisfying, well at least to me.

For the meat lovers, be sure to try out the Meaty Affairs (RM63.50 with GST)
Meaty Affairs is a platter consisting of homemade giant meatballs (300gms) topped with sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onions, lamb leg (200gms) grilled to perfection and buffalo wings. Complemented with pumpkin mushroom rice with mixed veggies and corn. This is my favorite platter since it has the giant meatball, buffalo wings and lamb leg which I enjoyed eating.

D' Perfect Match (RM63.50 with GST)
 D' Perfect Match is a platter of marinated spicy lamb (200gms) and spicy ribeye steak (200gms) topped with brown sauce on a bed of pumpkin mushroom rice with mixed veggies and corn. The marinated spicy lamb and spicy ribeye steak were actually spicier than the Spicy Salsa Lamb Burger which I had earlier. If you really enjoy eating spicy food, this is the one for you.

Treasures in a Bag (RM63.50 with GST)
 For limited time only, Treasures in a Bag is being offered in The Gastronomic Adventure menu. Filled with ribeye steak (200gms) and homemade meatballs (150gms) topped with mixed veggies and corn in their homemade black pepper sauce served from a bag to a bed of pumpkin mushroom rice. Somehow it looks like 'nasi banjir' with all the black pepper sauce covering half of the platter.

The reason why it's called Treasure in a Bag is because the servers will pour out the bag of awesomeness into the platter. If you are concern about the bag, it's a food-grade nylon bag, which is highly stable to 200 degrees celsius.

Other than those dishes which I had, there's also the Mary's Adventure (RM26.40) and Spicy Salsa Pasta with Southwest Chicken (RM20.03) which were not served that day. So it's for you to find out and taste it yourself. Let me know your comment when you have done so.

D'Chiller - Lemon milkshake with a refreshing minty taste
I had so much good food and time to wash it all down. There's the new addition to their famous milkshakes – D'Chiller, a lemon milkshake with minty taste which was quite refreshing. It's available at a special introductory price of RM5.90 (RM6.25 with GST). No complaint from me with that price and the taste it alright.

Other than D'Chiller, I got to try the Black Forrest Banana Milk Shake (RM10.49) which is from their normal menu. It taste like black forest cake blended up and poured into a tall glass.

There's also the Chocolate Banana Milk Shakes (RM10.49) which I didn't get to try.

Throughout the duration of The Gastronomic Adventure, you will be entitled to get 1 x Fizzles (bottomless) and 1 x Mushroom soup for only RM5.30 (normally RM12.50, savings of RM7.20) with a purchase of any main course.

Some interior shots of NY Steak Shack.

Overall, the food was great and the price is quite affordable. I don't mind go back for D'Bomb and Meaty Affairs platter. If you have any comments, you can leave them down at the comment section below. If you want to do reservations, please contact them. More info below.

NY Steak Shack
LG 2.45 & 2.46, LG2, 
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
 No 3, Jalan Pjs 11/15, 
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya

Phone number: 03-79571118

.: Peace Out :.