Gillette Launches New Mach3® at Talent Lounge, PJ Trade Centre

The new Gillette Mach3® range launched today now comes with upgraded sharper blades and an improved lubrication strip to help deliver a great shave and great skin. The Mach3® family comprises the Gillette Mach3®, Mach3® Sensitive and Mach3® Turbo, re-engineered to provide a great shave and great skin, even on the 10th shave.

The new Gillette Mach3® range also benefits from seven key features, which focus on a great shave to enable men to achieve great skin
Malaysian men pay great attention to their skin. However, shaving with an ordinary disposable razor compromises skin and often result in skin redness and irritation. Now you can consider this yesterday’s problem as Gillette, the leader in global shave care and industry pioneer, has once again raised the bar for innovation with the new Mach3® family.

From L-R: Utkarsh Mohan, Country Category Lead (Shavecare), MSB (Malaysia Singapore Brunei), Zeba Khan, Commercial Leader, MSB, Ong Yuh Hwang, Country CEO, MSB, Fahrin Ahmad, Syed Nahar Sharifah Nadia, Communications & Government Relations Leader, MSB and Tay Li Er, Assistant Brand Manager (Shavecare), MSB
“Gillette understands that great skin starts with a great shave, especially when we’re preparing for an important occasion where looking our best is paramount. We understand that redness and irritation from shaving with a cheap disposable razor can get in the way of getting great skin,” said Ong Yuh Hwang, Chief Executive Officer Procter & Gamble Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei. “Here at Gillette, we understand this need and are now introducing the new Mach3® range to enable men to achieve better-looking skin. Shaving is the first step of every man’s skincare regime and it should be an irritation-free process.”

Gillette revealed the new Mach3® at the Talent Lounge in a talk-show styled event hosted by Nadia Heng.
The hero of the family is the Gillette Mach3® Turbo, upgraded with sharper blades, advanced blade coating technology and an enhanced gel bar to reduce the “cutting force” involved in shaving off the tough hair to achieve a great shave – comfortable and close. The new Gillette Mach3® Turbo has new sharper turbo cutting blades designed to cut through hair with significantly less cutting force, letting you enjoy a comfortable shave without experiencing the irritation and redness later. The blade steel of the new Gillette Mach3® Turbo is coated with Gillette’s most advanced coating TUT-technology (Thin Uniform Telomer Technology) which strengthens the fine blades and further reduces the cutting force. This creates more comfort while shaving and helps us achieve a closer shave. The TUT-technology is not available on any other razors. In addition, the enhanced gel bar contains “cushioning lubricants” to provide better lubrication and glide as you shave your way to great skin. Hence, the Mach3® is better than a disposable, even on its 10th shave.

The new Gillette Mach3® range also benefits from seven key features, which focus on a great shave to enable men to achieve great skin. Firstly, the Gillette Mach3® is a three-bladed razor that allows the first blade to extend the hair out of the skin follicle and lets the next two blades to cut the hair further down the shaft. These have individual spring mounts that adjusts to different shaving pressure and skin variations that results in a comfortable shave. The new skin guards are soft and flexible that smoothens the skin before a shave. Unlike an ordinary disposable razor, the Gillette Mach3® now has a front pivot to redirect the force away from the blades. As a result, this creates an “open architecture” that enables easier rinsing and cleaning of the cartridge. The Gillette Mach3®’s ergonomic handle provides a secure grip and control, especially in wet conditions. Lastly, the single docking system easily connects the handle to the pivoting razor cartridge, which positions the cartridge on the skin comfortably.

Local celebrity Fahrin Ahmad agrees that looking good with great skin can bolster your confidence, “I believe that great skin can be achieved with the right shaving tool. It’s important to invest in the right razor to get the job done. When you start your day with great skin, your mind is set to achieve great things!”

Fahrin Ahmad shaving with the new Gillette Mach3® Turbo
Gillette revealed the new Mach3® at the Talent Lounge in a talk-show styled event hosted by Nadia Heng. To the delight of guests and invited media both Nadia and Fahrin were visibly having a good time interacting with the audience through word games and also Fahrin’s sharing session about his grooming challenges and how he overcame these challenges with the new Gillette Mach3®.  

Enabling both comfort and closeness in shaving, you can look forward to achieving great-looking skin with a great shave with the new Gillette Mach3®! 

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