Blogger Day Out & CITTA Mall's Ohara Matsuri おはら祭り (Autumn Festival)

There's less than 6 weeks until the end of 2016 but school holiday will officially starts this weekend. CITTA Mall is organising an event for family and friends this coming Saturday. The event is inspired and adapted from the original song and dance festival from Kagoshima, the Ohara Matsuri at CITTA Mall will be filled with plenty of Japanese themed & cultural activities for you to participate in!

Yesterday evening, a few bloggers and myself were invited to the Bloggers Day Out @ CITTA Mall and to have a sneak peek on the activities which will be happening at the event.

We gathered at Jom Bali to have some drinks and snacks before proceeding with the rest of the activities. I ordered the coconut shake which was really refreshing and I really enjoyed it. As for snacks, we had some mango salad, wanton soup and cheesy fries (quite sinful!). Haha...

After a quick session at Jom Bali, we headed up to CITTA's Snowman Village. Army of snowmen were spotted lighting up the area and it's a definitely a great place to snap pictures with friends and family.

Here I was wearing a yukata and posing along with the rest of the snowmen. There will be traditional costume such as kimono and yukata for rental during the event days.

Finally I get to visit Mount Fuji! Yay… I'm just kidding. There's a few Japanese themed backdrop around the event area where we can snap beautiful pictures with.

Our stomach was growling not too long after that and we proceed to our dinner place at Tokyo Kitchen which served a huge variety of Japanese cuisine. They emphasized on healthy meal with Japanese style, no oil, less sugar, neutral salt and more protein.

I will definitely go back to this restaurant again since the price is not too expensive and the food is delicious especially the Teppan Cheese which is only RM49.90++

Just looking back at all these pictures now makes my mouth salivates! xD

After the delightful dinner, we went to A Beauty Secret Studio to check out their full-service salon that offers everything from haircuts and special occasion hairdos to manicure. We were told that they have the halal certified manicure service. That's a definitely a good selling point for the female Muslim customers.

It was an interesting evening spent with the bloggers at CITTA Mall and I will be going back there again for the event this Saturday.

If you have not plan anything this weekend with your friends or family, you might want to check out this event. Happening on November 26-27th from 11am until 6pm. Schedule as below:-

26 November 2016:
11:00am Japanese Dance Along Session
11:30am Ohara Matsuri Colouring Contest
2:00pm Japanese Dance Along Session
2:30pm Kendama Culture Workshop
4:00pm Sushi Rolling Workshop
5:00pm Ramen Challenge

27 November 2016:
11:00am Japanese Dance Along Session
11:30am Kendama Competition
4:00pm Sushi Rolling Workshop
5:00pm Ramen Challenge

All day long activities:
Japanese snacks sale, themed bazaar, arts & crafts workshops, trick art boards are and many more!
Register for the #Ohara Colouring Contest here:

.: Peace Out :.