Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet at Lavo, Menara Lien Hoe

I know that Chinese New Year is about two weeks away but it was only three weeks ago that we have celebrated Christmas Day. On Christmas eve, I was invited to attend the Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet at Lavo.

Lavo which is located at Menara Lien Hoe in Petaling Jaya is a restaurant and lounge that opens with visual feast of modern contemporary furnishing in a chic, industrial setting. We can take a seat and browse through their delectable menu of fusion dishes made from fresh ingredients that tantalize the taste buds. I am impressed with their wine gallery, comprising a large selection of whites and reds which are the perfect partner with their food menu.

It was my first time dining at Lavo and I enjoy looking at their colourful and eye-catching light fittings at the bar.

The atmosphere in Lavo is quite relaxing despite playing the Christmas jingles throughout the evening.

There was a small Christmas tree at the dessert bar where it can be seen upon walking in from the main entrance.

There was a Santa Clause too, who was giving goodies to the guest and taking pictures with them.

The server offered a choice of white or red wine to us. M partner decided to choose the white wine while I went for the red wine. After wetting our throat, we then headed to the buffet line.

Here's a table full of different kinds of bread, a good selections of salad and the black pot behind the bread is the mushroom soup. Below are some of the canapés and main dishes served at the buffet line.

A Christmas feast will not be complete without the presence of roast turkey and lamb!

Here's my plate full of canapés. They looked really fresh and good, which they did.

Some of the main dishes that I took from the buffet line. The flavour of the lamb has a hint of sweetness, not too greasy and the meat was tender.

As for the mushroom soup, I went for the second helping. I love mushroom soup and I totally cannot resist a good, rich and creamy mushroom soup which they served that evening.

After I was done with the main dishes, I went to the dessert bar to pick up some of my favorite desserts. The chocolate fondue was attracting a lot of children and even myself too. The watermelon fruits and grapes dipped into the chocolate fondue was heavenly!

I was really glad that they did not serve fruit cakes, a cake which I think will always go to waste unless someone was really crazy over it. I enjoyed eating their panettone and the yule log cake.

There was dance performances to entertain the guest and lucky draw through out the night. So that's it folks, I ended the night with a good buffet feast, drinks and also meeting other blogger friends who have also attended.

A picture of Choulyin and I at Lavo.

No. 8 Persiaran Tropicana, 
Tropicana Golf and Country Club
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Contact no.: 03-7803 7333

.: Peace Out :.