Want to Get a New or Used Samsung 4K Curved TV?

I noticed there are some gadgets lying around unused in my house and I felt like it's a waste. Some of them I which I bought many years back, some I won from lucky draw, got a few as a gift and also some which I got from the events which I have attended. It came to my knowledge that a few of those were never been opened and used before hence it's as good as brand new!

For example, I have a Sharp CRT TV and a PlayStation 3 that I have stopped using and playing since I am too busy to do that. A brand new Samsung stereo headset which I got from an event and never opened it. I also have a Ninetology Android smartphone that was given to me for review and I didn't utilise it at all after I was done with the blogpost.

I guess it's time to let them all go to fund for the item on my wish list – The Samsung 4K Curved TV!

If you have not heard about it yet, let me tell you briefly why I want to get it.

It's the read deal here, the real 4K UHD TV experience that generates vibrant and realistic picture that gives us the best viewing pleasure. It has greater details in UHD resolution with vivid detail with 4X the resolution of a FHD TV.

Everything we see will look better thanks to true-to-life colour and brightness in extreme clarity. The screen is beautifully curved that revel in the beauty of the curved design. Taking its cue from nature, it embodies pure elegance, on or off.

Get the ultimate control in the palm of our hand. Control all connected devices1 with just one remote control. With Voice Control, we’ll never have to flip through channels again. Last but not least, we can connect our mobile to the big screen and enjoy all your content. And with the Smart View app, we can seamlessly control everything from our mobile. Now I can just sit back and enjoy.

The question is... should I get a brand new Samsung 4K Curved TV or a used one which comes with a valid warranty? New one might cost me a bomb so I think used one could be more affordable... unless I am son of a rich tycoon. Hehehe...

So like what I have mentioned earlier, I need to sell my things in order to fund for the Samsung 4K Curved TV. Do you have any suggestion on how I should do that? I recently got to know about a platform that enable me to sell my old and unused gadgets away and at the same time I too can buy gadgets or electronics from other users. The platform is called Carousell. You can download it from Google Play or App Store.

I noticed there's some differences in terms of the price tag for the new Samsung TV's compared to those which are selling at the retail stores. I guess the sellers on Carousell are able to sell it cheaper due to no overhead cost on shop rental, staff salary, etc...

There's also a huge variety of TV models on the platform. For those who did not have a smartphone (maybe you just took a Delorean time machine and came from the past), you can also browse it on your personal computer.

After browsing the platform for a couple of days, I got to know that there's a feedback system where buyer and seller can leave a feedback wether it's a positive or a negative feedback after the transaction has completed. This can ensure that the seller are legit. The platform is quite safe and simple to use.

I can easily post an item for sale by taking its picture, sort by category and with just a few clicks, it's done! I can also send personal messages instantly to my buyer or seller. I find this very useful compare to other platform which I had to trouble myself to reply in email or save their numbers to Whatsapp.

So if you are like myself looking for a new Samsung TV, you may want to consider download the Carousell app on your smartphone, sign up and start selling all your old and unused items at home.

.: Peace Out :.