Lunch Time Munch Time @ The Apartment, The Curve

Last Saturday, two of my ex colleagues and I went to The Apartment for lunch. Initially we wanted to have our lunch nearby but one of my colleague was craving for some pasta from The Apartment. So we went to the one at The Curve.

Upon reaching The Apartment, we saw that they are currently offering a lunch time promo which was also valid for weekend. Usually the lunch promo only valid during weekdays to attract the working lunch crowd.

The lunch time promo starts from RM15.90 to RM22.90 which includes a main dish and a choice of appetiser or dessert. Just top up RM8 to enjoy both appetiser and dessert.

Here's the full menu. There's ten (10) choices of main, two (2) choices of appetiser and only one (1) choice of dessert. It would be good if there's more choices for the appetiser and dessert as well.

I ordered the Otak Otak Burger (RM18.90) and the Mediterranean soup for my appetiser. 

It was a good choices as I enjoyed both dishes especially the unique taste of the Otak Otak Burger which was the first time I tried it as a burger. Usually I have Otak Otak on its own which is wrapped with banana leaf.

The only regret that I did was ordering this Beef Taco add-on which cost RM5. The taste wasn't bad but it felt dry and the portion was really really small.

Look at the picture above for the size comparison. So tiny...

My male ex colleague ordered the Shepherd's Pie (RM18.90) with beef in it. I did get to try it and it was good!

Meanwhile, my female ex colleague ordered the Asam Pedas Ikan Pari (RM22.90) that was quite a big portion and I also get to try out the spicy sour stingray. It was spicy enough and tasty too.

Both of them ordered the Coconut Panna Cotta dessert. The cookie was good and crispy but unfortunately the panna cotta only had a slight hint of coconut taste and its only nice to be eaten together with the diced mango which was on top of it.

Overall, the lunch was good. Portion for the main dishes were adequate but some improvement needed in certain areas. I would recommend not to order the Beef Taco or get both appetiser and dessert since you can get better ones elsewhere.

For more info about the lunch promo at The Apartment, you can check out the link here: Call 03-7727 8330 to make your reservation.

.: Peace Out :.