Celebrate 2018 New Year Countdown @ CITTA Mall #CittaMall2018

Well, well, well... it's the time of the year again, or I should be saying, it's almost the end of the year! "OMG! Why so fast one?" Are you ready and excited to welcome a brand new year? It's 2018 soon and it's time for you to reflect on your 2017 resolution! Have you gotten a girlfriend/boyfriend? Married yet? Lost any weights? What about that sexy six pack ripped body that you have wished for? Hahaha... jokes aside, here's something good for those who's planning to celebrate new year's eve.

Image credit to MRSC.org

"Say what? Celebrate new year's eve in KL? Don't want lah..." I am sure a lot of you dislike going down to the city center to do your countdown task but this is somewhere less hectic but still as fun! Where about this secret location with less traffic congestion, affordable parking rates and great retail outlets? 

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It's not a secret exactly, just head to CITTA Mall for the #CittaMall2018 New Year Countdown! Happening on the 31st Dec (duh!) from 8pm onward. "What is so special about this CITTA Mall New Year Countdown event wor?" Don't so kancheong spider first, see the event poster below then read the rest of my write-up. Don't be so lazy to read... like what the Malay saying said, Membaca Jambatan Ilmu but if you can't even read ABC then I can't help you lor. Please go back to kindergarten to study your ABC first.

First of all, there's fireworks! Can't have a New Year countdown without one for sure! Followed by K-Pop dance performance, street magician and special appearance by Adibah Noor, Baki Zainal, Shawn Lee and RJVN Dance Crew. 

"Eh not bad leh, I like Adibah Noor's song called Terlalu Istimewa and Baki Zainal also boleh tahan with his Lets Cycle show. Go round round Malaysia on a bicycle. If it was me, my backside confirm break into half sit on the bicycle for so many days." 

Image credit Shawn Lee

Image credit RJVN Dance Crew

Not bad right? Shawn Lee with his 'Dush dush dush wub wub pfft pfft' beatbox voise also quite awesome and not to forget RJVN's mesmerising dance moves. If you are a fan of fire eater show, you must also come and check out how he eats fire for a living. So nice ah if hungry at night just light up some fire and eat. Save so much money ok. Just kidding.... Other than that, there's also many prizes to be won! What are the prizes? That's for you to find out at the #CittaMall2018 New Year Countdown! 

"Okay, but what else can I do there? I am easily bored oh..." There are plenty food and beverages outlets, cafes, shops and even a cinema. You should really try out the delicious Cheese Ring Dakgalbi at Mr.Dakgalbi or catch a movie at MBO Cinemas before heading to the countdown event.

Image credit to MBO Cinemas

Jackie Chan's new movie titled Bleeding Steel seems interesting to watch and I haven't get to watch Justice League and Coco. I hope those movies will still be available on the new year's eve.

This countdown party is definitely suitable for everyone doesn't matter young or old. Just ajak your family and friends fast fast to join the celebration at the #CittaMall2018 New Year Countdown. What's better than celebrating the last day of 2017 with your precious ones? I guess it's the ring carried by Frodo in Lord of The Rings. My precious... Okay, that was my last joke. 

See you at #CittaMall2018 New Year Countdown! :D

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PJU 1A, Ara Damansara, 
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Telephone: 03-7662 5000

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