Hoshino Coffee Malaysia @ The Boulevard, Mid Valley City

It was my friend's birthday month whom I've known through blogging for 7 years and we decided to have lunch at Mid Valley Megamall. We were supposed to head to the newly opened Hoshino Coffee but since it was lunch time on a weekday, the queue will take us about 30 minutes. So we decided to just settle down for lunch at Enoshima Japanese Restaurant & Bar. After the meal, we wanted to get some coffee and desserts so we tried our luck again at Hoshino Coffee and fortunately the queue took us less than 10 minutes.

Window food display at Hoshino Coffee

From their website, they mentioned that "Hoshino Coffee is founded in 2011 in Japan. Hoshino Coffee is the culmination of the unique food menu created by Nippon Restaurant system who owns more than 30 dining brands and the distinctive quality coffee brought by Doutor Coffee, who runs the largest coffee chain in Japan and has more than 50 years history of coffee roasting".

The ground floor interior of Hoshino Coffee

My friend told me that Hoshino Coffee was quite famous in Singapore and that triggered her interest to check out the place. Just to be clear, this post is not the typical food review post which I normal write but it's only a simple blog post about what are the foods and drinks that they are offering.

This seat is probably the best to look at the fountain and people walking by.

You guys might have heard about the shutting down of Tim Ho Wan outlets in Malaysia not too long ago. This particular Hoshino Coffee replaces Tim Ho Wan which is at the corner lot of The Boulevard in Mid Valley City.

Waiter bringing up the coffee to the upper floor of Hoshino Coffee.

For those who are curious to know what are the prices of foods and drinks in Hoshino Coffee, below are some pictures of their menu.

We ordered the Hoshino Blend Coffee (RM12.90, refill for 50% off) and the Double Pancake Souffle (RM18.90) which required 20 minutes to be served.

While waiting, I took a shot of the hand drip coffee process done by their barista.

Here's a cup of Hoshino Blend Coffee. I liked it. The aroma is fragrant and the taste is smooth with a good balance of bitterness and acidity with a hint of sweetness. I am not a heavy coffee drinker and I only drink it if I don't have enough sleep for work or for a long distance drive. However, I do enjoy this cup of hand drip Hoshino Blend Coffee.

After waited for 20 minutes, the Pancake Souffle finally arrived and it's not as small as I expected. The pancake is tastier with a dash of maple syrup.

The texture of the pancake is almost similar to a fluffy butter cake. It was very filling to have it right after lunch. I would recommend to go for the single one for two person sharing. Not one of the best dessert I have tasted, the price is quite high and unlikely I will be ordering this again.

We Malaysian are spoilt with choices when it comes to F&B outlets. There's plenty of coffee and desserts outlets in Mid Valley alone. Anyway, I don't mind going back there again for a cup of hand drip coffee provided the waiting time is not more than 10 minutes. Maybe I'll take the opportunity to try out other desserts too.

Hoshino Coffee Malaysia
No. 27-G, Ground Floor, The Boulevard
Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
​Tel: +603-2391 9020

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