20,000 Pinwheels Only in Playground of The Wind @ Iringan Bayu Seremban!

Remember those days when you were young and stress-free? I'm sure most of you have played with a pinwheel before. Well, it's a toy made of a wheel of paper or plastic curls attached at its axle to a stick by a pin. If you haven't, you may have seen them hanging in front of the house porch. Even now, I still do find it fascinating even though I'm already a grown up man.


Here's a little history about the pinwheel. During the nineteenth century in the US, any wind-driven toy held aloft by a running child was characterised as a whirligig, including pinwheels. Pinwheels provided many children with almost endless hours of enjoyment and amusement.

An Armenian immigrant toy manufacturer, Tegran M. Samour, invented the modern version of the pinwheel, originally titled "wind wheel," in 1919 in Boston, Massachusetts. Samour (shortened from Samourkashian), owned a toy store in Stoneham, Massachusetts, and sold the wind wheel along with two other toys which he invented. (Source: Wikipedia)

What if I tell you that you can see 20,000 pinwheels for yourself together with your family and friends? Won't that be really exciting especially when you get to take pictures with it? At least you will get to impress your friends on Facebook or Instagram. Make them jealous yo! :D

I'm not kidding! It's as real as it gets. OSK Property is organizing an event which is called Playground of the Wind which is happening at Iringan Bayu Show Village and everyone is invited! It will be happening on the 27th of January and it is filled with a lot of fun and interesting activities to keep you and everyone who follows you occupied through out the day.

Below are 10 wind-spired (pun intended) highlights for a fun-filled escapade for you and your family.

As I mentioned earlier, there will be plenty of activities happening in Playground of The Wind. Check out the list of activities and dates below:-

7 - 28 January
Sistawork workshop
Wooden Block game
Hand Artsy
Yummy Fluffy - Shaped Cotton Candy
DIY Paper Pinwheel Workshop
Food Truck

3 Feb to 4th February
Bubbly Bobble
3D Artwork Workshop
Dream catcher DIY Workshop
DIY Paper pinwheel workshop
Lokal Food store

10th to 11th February
Giant Kite Flying
Acoustic/Folk bands & solo performances
Buskers budget
Incl Bosco White, Statues, Floating army
Magician showcase (Family friendly comedic style)
Handy Art
Lokal Food store

I am really keen with the DIY paper pinwheel workshop and the food truck as well since I'm always hungry! Hahaha... If you are interested, you can check out Kevin Ong's video on how to make a pinwheel video at the end of this post.

So how can you participate in this fun and exciting event? It's easy peasy lemon squeezy! Just register yourself to get an exclusive invite to the one of a kind pinwheel at https://goo.gl/forms/mhDPjS9s0Y3DIDgu1 or contact 06-630 4656. Don't forget to do so or you will miss out and feel regret. If you free regret, you will stuff yourself with sweet food specifically ice-cream and there goes your new year resolution to lose weight.

Since you will be hanging around Iringan Bayu, do check out Iringan Bayu Show Village and learn about their latest Pastura terrace homes offer. Maybe you will be able to find your dream landed property at an affordable price. Terrace house from RM390k only leh... where to find? Haha...

The terrace house comes with 3 bedrooms and a guest room. Every unit is fully extended which requires no renovation if you plan to do so. It has a spacious guest room, unlike those you get in an apartment which is likely end up to be a store or closet and it is even attached with bathroom so that your future maid can stay. Not bad eh?

It is a guarded neighbourhood with single entry point to each phase (2A & 2B) equipped with guard post & perimeter fence. Safety is the most important aspect for sure. For those who love to work out, there's 8.7 acres of linear pocket garden located within the phases, featuring jogging compound & bicycle track, outdoor gym equipment. Nah, work out until you faint la. Hahaha...

Before I end my post, below is the video on how you can make your own pinwheel. Do let me know if you have managed to make your own pinwheel.

 What's your fondest memory playing with the pinwheel? Will you be interested to check out the 20k pinwheels in Playground of The Wind? Let me know in the comment section below. Till then, stay safe and have a great week!

.: Peace Out :.


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