Escape with Traveloka #tvlkescape2017

It has been a while since I enjoyed a staycation especially in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. All thanks to The Butterfly Project and Traveloka, I am glad to be able to participate in the travel project called Escape with Traveloka.

Before I proceed to talk about the staycation, I would like to briefly explain about Traveloka.

Traveloka is one of the largest flight / hotel search and booking which was started in Indonesia back in the year 2012. We can access into Traveloka via website as well as mobile application.

The staycation was held at The Kuala Lumpur Journal which is situated at Jalan Beremi, Bukit Bintang. The hotel is strategically located near Lot 10 Shopping Center, Pavilion KL and Sungei Wang Plaza. Therefore it is really convenient for those who want to live near these hot shopping spots.

I reached The KL Journal around 10am and I met up with other bloggers and we register ourselves with Traveloka's staff. We also get to collect our goodie bags and nametags, while we make sure that all of us have downloaded the Traveloka mobile application.

The place that we met us is called the Workers' Union in The KL Journal and it consist of meeting studios, business center, gallery A & B and terrace bar & grill. It also works as one of the place to provide food and drinks for us during the staycation.

After the registration, I indulge myself with breakfast before the programmes begin. We had a selection of nasi lemak, pancakes and croissant served with coffee or tea.

After breakfast, the MCs gave a welcoming speech, introduce the event before we proceed to our icebreaker and mini games. We had a lot of fun during the mini games and all the bloggers and Traveloka's staff have been really sporting.

Traveloka was introduced to us by the representative from Traveloka in order to give more insights and information about the benefits and functions especially for those who have not heard about it before this. We can search for the lowest and the best flights from various airline company without the need to go to many different websites to do the price comparison. Other than that, there's plenty of hotel choices for booking when we plan for the travel destination.

We can get special discounts and promotions which is exclusive to Traveloka and no other website or mobile applications will have it. He also did answer some of the questions regarding Traveloka by the bloggers during the Q&A session.

The next talk was about the introduction and live demonstration on the Traveloka mobile
application by Azzanea.

With the app, you can book cheap flights and hotels. Its top section is where you can find their latest promotions. Under ‘My Account’, you can manage your profile and many other features. For faster booking process, Their latest feature, the ‘Price Alerts’ is my favourite in Traveloka mobile application. With this feature, we can be one of the first to know about flight and hotel prices changes. Isn't that great?

In additional to that, there's a new feature which is the Maybank 0% installment plan exclusively with Traveloka. You can book now and pay later with 0% installment plan for 6 or 12 months! Now I can fly long haul flights without going broke and have to eat instant noodles for months! Europe trip here I come!!! :D

If you subscribe to their newsletter, you will get special access to their special promotions. So whenever Traveloka comes up with a new promotion, you’ll be the first to know! The most important part has to come down to this, there's no hidden charges when you book through Traveloka. Remember those days when you have to pay 'admin charges' when you book through a travel agency? Now you don't have to pay them with Traveloka, what you search is what you pay! :D

Ramesh Singh, General Manager of The Kuala Lumpur Journal also gave a few words to us regarding the hotel and he offered a free hotel stay for the best Instagram post taken in The KL Journal.

After the talk, we headed down to Kedai Kopi Journal for lunch. I really like the interior of Kedai Kopi Journal which has a nostalgic feel to it.

I ordered the wagyu beef burger with sweet potato fries. 

We did a group photo at the terrace bar and also officiating the event ceremony by releasing dozens of butterflies! It was indeed a unique ceremony I must say! We then given our room keys and we freshen up ourselves before going back to Workers' Union for the next program. You can view the pictures of the hotel room in my Facebook page at

The next program is a four different workshops prepared by Traveloka. The workshops were:-

1. Bathbombs & Essential Oils
2. Traveller Leather Notebook
3. Art Journaling
4. Floral Watercolor 

I registered myself for the Art Journaling workshop since I am interested to compile my travel journey into a journal.

This is the group who participated in the Floral Watercolor workshop.

This is the Traveller Leather Notebook workshop.

Last but not least, this is the Bathbombs & Essential Oils workshop.

Here's my hand made Travel Journal which I have completed during the Art Journaling workshop. I enjoyed the process of making the journal and I learnt quite a lot of new techniques which never came into my mind at all before this. Does it look good? Please say yes! Haha...

Since it All the bloggers were told beforehand to prepare a Christmas gift for their room mate and we did the gift exchange during dinner time.

Awesome city view at the swimming pool

Overall, I had a good time at the Escape with Traveloka's staycation in The KL Journal. I get to know a lot of bloggers at the event, learnt something new at the workshop, ate a lot of food and enjoyed my stay with a nice city view.

To conclude my post, I will definitely use Traveloka to book my flight and hotel the next time when I plan my travel. Do let me know if you have any questions regarding the event or Traveloka in the comment section below. Also, where is your next travel destination in 2018? Till then take care and travel safe!

.: Peace Out :.