Celebrate the Chinese New Year Festival with Koyara CNY Organic Hamper

Every year we celebrate Chinese New Year and each time we will always wish our family and friends to have a good health and wealth for the coming years. Well it's no longer just a wishing gesture anymore as it can be shown in a form of a gift. Koyara recently has introduced their new range of Healthy Chinese New Year Hamper to celebrate the coming of The Year of the Dog.

Koyara, is an online health store selling Organic Food and Natural Personal Care products with over 3,000+ products that works with only authorized distributors. They are looking to expand in to Supplements, Vitamins, Sports Nutrition and even Traditional Chinese Medicine in the future. We can shop for healthy products online and save a lot of time!

So what are the range of hampers are they offering? Below are the hampers with its items description and list:-

Gift your family or friend the gift of sweetness this Chinese New Year.
This hamper will make the sweetest yet healthiest desserts or "tong sui" for all the gatherings that bring us all together. The Home Sweet Home hamper consist of Lohas, Azuki Bean 500g, Lohas, Organic Green Mung Bean, 500g, Lohas, Organic Pearl Barley, 500g, Lohas, Organic High Protein Soy Bean, 500g, Lohas, Organic Cane Sugar, 1kg, Yoji Natural Red Date 200g and White Fungus 50g.

Easy to make, healthy to eat – you'll find all of that in this golden basket of natural treats. Besides, wealth never came quickly to someone who spent too much time searching for food! Golden Natural Treast is packed with Lohas, Buckwheat Seaweed Cookies, 200g, Lohas, Organic Pumpkin Ramen, 300g, Lohas, Natural Brown Rice Crackers, 170g, Yoji 100% Pure Black Sesame Powder 100g, Lohas, Dried Seaweed, 70g, Lohas, Himalaya Rock Salt (Fine), 500g, Lohas, Organic Cane Sugar, 1kg, Lohas, Organic Black Raisins, 200g and Lohas, Organic Dried Fig, 150g.

This Spice Harmony hamper emphasizes the harmony of the five flavors - Salty, Spicy, Sour, Sweet and Bitter. Not only does it improve tastes but achieves balance to promote health. Containing items of Lohas, Organic baby Oat, 500g,  Traditional Misua 250gm, Gojiberry 200gm, O’Soy Plus Organic Sugar Free Soya Milk Powder, 700g, Organic Chili Powder 60g, Organic Black Pepper Powder 60g, Organic Cumin Seed Powder 60g, Organic Tumeric Powder 60g, Organic Fennel Powder 60g and Organic Curry Powder 60g.

Boost your happiness and longevity with Superfood Treasures full of abundant superfoods to kick-start your 2018 resolution of healthy living and healthy eating. It comes with Lohas, Organic baby Oat, 500g, Traditional Misua 250gm, Gojiberry 200gm, O’Soy Plus Organic Sugar Free Soya Milk Powder, 700g, Merry Nation, Organic Lemon Powder (30g), Merry Nation, Organic Beetroot Powder (30g), Merry Nation, Organic Ginger Powder (30g), Merry Nation, Organic Maitake Powder (30g), Merry Nation, Organic Kale Powder (30g), Merry Nation, Organic Turmeric Powder (30g), Merry Nation, Organic Fantastic Greens Powder (30g) and Merry Nation, Organic Natural Boost Powder (30g).

This Healthy Home hamper is my choice. A healthy home starts with eating right with the family. Snacks, Cereals, and wholesome noodles for the healthy family to be blessed with longevity. This hamper has Lohas, Natural Brown Rice Crackers 170g, Lohas, Natural Sprouted Seaweed 50g, Meet Organic Multi Flora Raw Honey, Lohas, Organic Sultana Raisins 200g, Meet Organic Multi Flora Raw Honey 1kg, MP Yam & Mixed Cereal, MP Black Sesame Cereal, Organic Hericium, Slim Misua (4 in Love), Hunan Misua, UG, Organic Soy Sauce and Nutrigracia, Organic Red Dates 200g.

Health for Wealth is packed with goodies suitable for the young and old on the auspicious festival. This hamper consist of Tomato Nutritional Rice Noodles 200g, Spinach Nutritional Rice Noodles 200g, Millet & Rice Noodles 200g, Berry Bright, Eye Nourishing Drink (10g x 30s) FREE Stylish Vinca Jar 1200ml, Meet Organic Multi Flora Raw Honey 1kg, Love Earth Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 480ml, Yoji Natural Red Date 200g, Radiant Organic Brown Rice Vinegar 310ml and Radiant Organic Tamari Wheat Free Soy Sauce 310ml.

This hamper is on top of the range and one of their most luxuries hamper they are currently offering. This Ultimate Treasure Chest hamper is filled with Golden Goodness for Happiness, Health, Status, Prosperity, Authority, and Longevity.  It consists of Lohas Dried Seaweed 70g, Lohas Organic Raw Eucalyptus Honey 1kg, Traditional Misua, Lohas Organic Beetroot Oatmilk 900g, Nutrigracia Bran Germ Rice 500g, Organic Curry Powder 60g, Organic Chilli Powder 60g, Organic Black Pepper 60g, Organic Hericium, Berry Bright Eye Nourishing Drink 8g x 30s, Nutrigracia Organic Lotus Seed 200g, Nutrigracia Organic Medlar 100g, Nutrigracia Dried Longan (Dimocarpus Longan) 150g, Country Farm Extra Virgin Coconut Oil x 2, Spoon Health Organic Chia Seeds 150g and Spoon Health Organic Royal Quinoa 450g.

If a product or any packaging materials run out of stock, they will be replaced with another of the same value. Price includes all ornaments and decorations. All hamper baskets will be shrink wrapped. Delivery is within Klang Valley only and shipping is done within 3 days.

I personally think that generally gift hampers are mostly towards not so healthy and high sugar content food and beverages. These hampers from Koyara are one of the best price to item value I have seen and I am quite sure myself and most parents will find use of the organic food products for their consumption. Oh ya, the hamper which I've chosen came with a cute CNY dog too! :D

To buy Koyara Chinese New Year Hamper, you can email them at hello@koyara.com or whatsapp their number 010-2212741. For more information on their Organic Food and Natural Personal Care products, you can visit their website here or check out their FB page here.

Till then, have an awesome Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai! :D

.: Peace Out :.