Chinese New Year Banquet Style Menu at Ishin Japanese Dining Restaurant (Review)

Nowadays, it's a norm for most Chinese ethnicities to celebrate Chinese New Year by having Yee Sang or Prosperity Toss. As for me, I will usually have it at a Chinese restaurant with my family and friends. This time around, it's different but definitely a unique experience for me. I am having Yee Sang or most Malaysian would call it Lou Sang in a Japanese restaurant.

I was at Ishin Japanese Dining restaurant to review their latest Chinese New Year Banquet Style Menu and the first thing that has impressed me was the free valet services. As I seated down nicely at the second floor of the restaurant, the interior was worth my admiration for the unique Japanese style with modern touches.

For our very first dish, we were served with Thousand Lucky Yee Sang – Japanese Style Yee Sang. This Yee Sang is not the typical kind which I used to have as it was served together with roasted duck breast. I somehow agree that it's better to serve the duck instead of the commonly used raw salmon slices since the next two dishes will be consisting of salmon.

Time to add in the sauces onto the Yee Sang together with roasted duck breast before tossing it as high as we can while saying various auspicious wishes. I felt that this version of Yee Sang was a lot healthier and the best part was the roasted duck breast. The meat was tender, not overly cooked with nicely balanced sweet and savoury taste.

The next dish is a very visually appealing presentation. It's the Premium Sashimi plated on a wooden boat. Two thumbs up for the presentation.

The Premium Sashimi consist of Kampachi, Salmon Belly, Tai, Nama Maguro, Nama Hotate, Botan Ebi & Nama Uni. All the raw seafood was superbly fresh and each has a very unique taste but my favorite goes to nama maguro or in English it's called the fresh Japanese tuna. The uni or sea urchin was also worth mentioning here with its smooth texture like custard with a slight briny ocean flavor.

Next up it's the Premium Sushi with a sushi combination of Tai, Salmon, Tobikko, Sujiko, Hawaiian Roll, Caterpilar Roll and Unagi Oshizushi. The sushi as I expected are made with fresh ingredients with a really good ratio of the seafood and vinegar rice. The flavor of the unagi was nicely balanced with the right amount of sweetness.

Before our main course, we get to sample the soup listed in the menu which was the Hokkaido Hotate Yanagawa. It's warm and savory with the goodness from the hotate. I couldn't decide if this was better or the raw hotate which I had earlier.

Finally, it's the most anticipated time on the Chinese New Year Banquet Style Menu; the main course. Two dishes were served together and the first one which I would like to introduce here it's the Baked Australia Lobster with Cheese. With the distinct taste of its own, this baked lobster was perfectly cooked and the cheese goes well with the succulent lobster flesh.

The next dish is the Grilled Salted Kampachi Head. A lot of people I knew did not enjoy eating fish head because it's usually taste fishier and very less meat but this was not the case. The kampachi head was nicely grilled and the lime neutralised the saltiness and the meat was quite flavorful.

The Teppanyaki Japanese Oyster came as the third main course. I'm not a fan of teppanyaki but the oyster which I had that night was good. The oyster was quite flavorful with a slight chewiness.

The fourth main course is the Prawn and Mixed Mushroom Tempura. The tempura comes in a variety of vegetables, mushrooms and shrimps. The batter is crispy on the outside and best to eat together with the tempura dipping sauce.

For the final main course, we had the Asari Kamameshi with Fish Roe. The clams did it job perfectly by making the rice fragrant but I think the rice needs to be cooked a little longer. The rice was slightly too mushy but overall the taste was okay.

To end the Chinese New Year Banquet Style Menu, we had the Sakura Ice-cream for our dessert. It was light and refreshing. A sweet ending after a scrumptious dinner I had in Ishin Japanese Dining restaurant.

You can also order ala carte menu via this tablet provided by the restaurant.

This Chinese New Year Banquet Style Menu promotion has already started and it will end on the last day of Chinese New Year. Price is at RM168 nett with minimum of 3 pax and I personally think that it's a good deal. If you want to make a reservation, details can be seen right below.

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