Bloggers' Nite-Out 2018 with HerbaLine's New Integrated Beauty & Wellness Outlet at Hartamas

On 8th of March, I was invited to attend a Bloggers' Nite-Out 2018 with the launch of the new 3 in 1 outlet at Hartamas by HerbaLine. They have reached another milestone with the launch of the outlet, in collaboration with Malaysia’s reputable wellness centre – Healthland – in a bid to bring an enhanced beauty wellness experience to Malaysians. 

For those who are into facial spa services, HerbaLine is indeed a familiar brand. After 17 years operating as a facial spa brand, a new chapter has opened on HerbaLine as the company embraces new market expectations by diversifying its beauty business into food and hospitality arenas with focus on integrated wellness business. As for food, they collaborated with Mama Kim. Do read further as I will be explaining about the three establishments.

Our first stop was the HerbaLine Facial Spa which is on the second floor. Staying true to its “no sign course policy, consumers’ minds are immediately put to ease when they visit this facial spa which offers various cleansing, moisturizing and lifting facials or Body Massage Treatments – complemented by value-added services such as sea salt foot bath, fish spa therapy, detox lemongrass drinks etc.

A variety of products which are available at HerbaLine Facial Spa.

Enjoying a cup of warm tea while waiting for my spa session.

At this corner, customer will first rinse their feet with salt. It can also quell foot odor, help heal fungus or ingrown nails, and soothe dry skin as well.

A picture of me rinsing my feet before proceeding to the spa session.

Their facial rooms are definitely very comfortable and it has a very relaxing atmosphere. There's room for single customer as well as for couple.

We will go through this natural aromatherapy before and after the facial session.

A short hand massage session provided by the staff and as you can see in the picture above, Cik Lily Putih is really enjoying the massage.

Here's the fish spa pond in HerbaLine Facial Spa. It can fit 3 to 4 pax comfortably at a time. The fish exfoliation is claimed to stimulate blood flow and improve circulation, remove bacteria, reduce foot odour and help with athlete's foot. It's also claimed feet will be smoother and softer after treatment.

Personally I feel that the skin on my feet has became really smooth after the fish spa. It can be a little ticklish at the beginning but after a while, it didn't feel ticklish anymore and it's actually quite enjoyable plus the fishes were so cute. Hahaha...

As we proceed to the lower floor, the Healthland Family Wellness Centre is located on the first floor of the establishment. With a premium wellspring of knowledge on wellness, Healthland promotes a holistic lifestyle with health program and activities. All our therapists are professionally trained by the acclaimed Wellness Academy in Thailand. There's plenty of beds for all the massages offered by them and the one which I think is the most interesting is the female only massage room that caters female out there who preferred better privacy.

Before our foot massage, the masseuse washed our feet thoroughly.

We entered the massage room which was filled with plenty of chairs for the foot massage session an the best thing was, it is equipped with a huge movie screen!

While the masseuse was massaging my feet, I examined the surrounding and found a couple of mineral water, a headphone for the movie and socket point to charge our mobile devices. That's pretty neat in my opinion. How I wish the session could be longer since 15 minutes were definitely not enough for me!

Lemongrass tea is one of my favorite drink 

The last stop, it's Mama Kim Sauna Mee Cafe which is on the ground floor. HerbaLine in-house cafe offers a comprehensive menu with a philosophy of “Where Healthy Is Yummy”. The healthy recipes with the concept of 80% vegetable and 20% meat in a single dish makes Mama Kim a stand-out for the neighborhood / community who desires healthy, authentic yummy dishes. 

Salad and fruits as appetizer 

The principles of Mama Kim’s dishes include:
• 5 major colours 
• Fresh ingredients
• No MSG
• No white flour
• No sugar, less salt, less deep fried. 
• Balanced nutrients
• 80% vegetables / 20% meat average 

Their signature dish is the Sauna Mee that is packed with multiple vegetables and having option to choose between brown rice or pumpkin noodles. That sound really healthy already!

The ingredients in the Sauna Mee is really fresh and it is cooked from the heated stone pot by pouring the hot soup into it. Not only it taste delicious, it is also quite affordable at only RM15.90 each.

Just look at our happy faces while enjoying the Sauna Mee.

I was really lucky to have won a prize from the lucky draw at the Bloggers' Nite-Out 2018

The expansion of the HerbaLine’s portfolio is inspired by emerging consumer trends for integration of various services which not only beautifies, but pampers and rejuvenates the face, body and total well-being. Overall, I do enjoy the experience in HerbaLine, HealthLand and Mama Kim. I find that it's very convenient to be able to spend time in one place without needing to travel far away.

More details on the outlet address, business hours, website and Facebook page can be found below:-

Address: Jalan 31/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

HerbaLine Facial Spa
Tel: 03-23039831/012-7028677
Business Hour: 
Mon to Fri – 11AM-6PM
Sat – 10.30AM-5.30PM
Sun & P. Holiday – 10.30AM-4.30PM

HealthLand Wellness Centre
Tel: 03-2856-7877
Business Hour: Mon to Sun / 11AM-11PM
Facebook: healthlandmalaysia

Mama Kim Sauna Mee Cafe
Tel: 03-28584173/012-6779895
Business Hour: 8AM-10PM
Facebook: Mamakimsaunamee

.: Peace Out :.


  1. When is the next round? I sure would love to join- I'm a blogger too, eh? :D

  2. @suituapui: Next round? Anytime bro. Waiting for you to come over to KL :D

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