Switch MyTown Outlet Closed After Unexpected Crowd Turn Up at Switch Warehouse Clearance Sale

Today is the Switch Clearance sale happening at Switch MyTown outlet. The sale was supposed to be held from today until 4th of March which is Sunday but due to the big crowd turn up since midnight, Switch has decided to closed down their outlet for safety reason.

They have posted the official statement on their Facebook page and official website. The queue started around midnight even though Switch has stated clearly that the official queue time begins at 7am.

They also mentioned that some of the sale items are still available but they did not confirmed that the sale will be ongoing tomorrow. Whatever it is, I hope that the security and management will be prepare well for it this time.

Latest update from Switch:-

Below are some of the pictures of what happened before the sale started...

Image credit to Facebook users and Siakap Keli.

Image credit to Twitter user here.
People mountain, people sea! Just look at the amount of people who queued up just to get the Apple products at a bargain price. There's a couple of iPhone 5S which is on sale for RM200, okay it's 10 units to be exact. Super cheap right?!!

Queue up for so many hours just to buy an iPhone X for RM250 less?

Some of the items are still available at the Switch Warehouse Clearance sale. From today's case, I have concluded that there's still a lot of Apple supporters in Malaysia. Were you one of the people who queued up for the sale? Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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