The Top 5 Things To Do in 1 Mont Kiara During School Holiday

Students and parents rejoice as the school holiday is finally here again! Some of you might be going for a family trip to anywhere around the world to spend time together. Otherwise, some of you didn't want to go for another trip since it will cost you a bomb yet you still want to plan something for your children. So if you are reading this blog post, I assumed that at this point of time, you have ran out of ideas or tired of doing the same activity every school holiday.

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I am sure that you definitely want to avoid having your children playing with their smartphones or tablets 24/7 at home and becoming a lazy couch potato. So if you are staying within the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur, here are the top five things that you and your family can do during school holiday.

1.  Magic Show and Magical Masquerade Show

You can catch the Magic Show as well as the Magical Masquerade Show on the same day. In conjunction with Earth Hour 2018, 1 Mont Kiara would like to bring out the 'green' in you! You  and your family can participate in this environmental movement on the 24th of March 2018. The lights out will be starting on 8.30pm and followed by the Magical Masquerade Show after.

2. Terrarium Making Workshop

If the above activity is not enough, there will be a Terrarium Making Workshop on two days from 24th until 25th of March 2018. For those who have no idea what a terrarium is, it is a decorative garden that is grown in sealable glass containers that provide just enough of an opening for the gardener to access their plants. Terrarium can also be grown in open glass container.

The Terrarium Making Workshop will not only enhance the creativity of your children, but it will also give them the awareness to appreciate our environment more.

3. LED Lion Dance and LED Butterfly Show

Chinese New Year has just passed last month and the LED Lion Dance has been going around viral on the Internet. So if you missed the chance to catch the electrifying LED Lion Dance performances, you can still check them out during the Earth Hour event at 1 Mont Kiara. 

Aside from that there's also the LED Butterfly Show with the dance performers dressing in Butterfly-like outfit and lighting up the entire performance with LED attached on the dresses. It is definitely a performance not be to be missed!

4. Petting Zoo

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If your children are a fan of animals, they can also visit 1 Mont Kiara for the Easter Celebration. The Easter Bunny is a folkloric figure and symbol of Easter, depicted as a rabbit bringing Easter eggs. There is no need to bring your kids to travel far away to the zoo and pay a high entrance fee just to pet the animals. You just need to head over to 1 Mont Kiara to see them for yourself on the 7th and 8th April 2018!

5. Playtime! Eggspert Easter Egg Hunter

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Last but not least, what is Easter without an Easter egg hunt activity? Your children can have a good playtime hunting Easter eggs with other children. This activity is good to develop their mental and physical health as well as communicate ability with other children and adults as well.

Above is the full schedule for the Earth Hour and Easter Celebration that's happening in 1 Mont Kiara. There's plenty of activities schedule for you and your family to take part in. So do remember to save your date and bring your family and friends too to enjoy the activities in 1 Mont Kiara.

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