Tony Roma's Ribs-eating Contest 2017 Enters Malaysia Book of Records

Last year December, Tony Roma’s fired up the crowd at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya with its Ribs-Eating Contest. Although this was the fifth Tony Roma’s Ribs-Eating Contest, there were high stakes involved for the participants this year as they had the chance to be acknowledged in the Malaysia Book of Records for their feats, aside from winning free meals at Tony Roma’s for an entire year.

It was an intense challenge for the ten male and ten female finalists and the crowd couldn’t resist cheering for the finalists while they ‘attacked’ the beef ribs, getting BBQ sauce smeared all over their faces in the process. While the ladies got a maximum of ten minutes to finish five beef ribs, the men have to finish ten beef ribs within 15 minutes.

The male contestants in the race to polish off ten beef ribs.

According to a spokesperson from the Malaysia Book of Records, the Tony Roma’s Ribs-Eating contest is an interesting record attempt and opened to all Tony Roma’s customers. The winners’ achievements will be officially endorsed and recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records as the Fastest Man/Woman in the Tony Roma’s Ribs-Eating contest.

The female contestants begin chowing down on five beef ribs!

Muhammad Amir Bin Ayub was crowned Champion in the Men’s category with a time of seven minutes and 59 seconds, and he was acknowledged as the ‘Fastest Man to Eat 10 Beef Ribs’ in the Malaysia Book of Records. He was also the winner of Tony Roma’s World First Lamb Ribs-Eating Contest 2016 grand finale in Melaka for the Men’s category.

Muhammad Amir Bin Ayub, the winners of Tony Roma’s Ribs-Eating Contest 2017 in the Men categories respectively are excited to be acknowledged in the Malaysia Book of Records.

On the other hand, Farrah Dayana A. Othman grabbed the title in the Female’s category at five minutes and 50 seconds, and she was acknowledged as the ‘Fastest Woman to Eat 5 Beef Ribs’ in the Malaysia Book of Records.

Farrah Dayana A. Othman, the winners of Tony Roma’s Ribs-Eating Contest 2017 in the Female categories respectively are excited to be acknowledged in the Malaysia Book of Records.

Said George Ang, Chief Executive Officer of Grand Companions Sdn. Bhd, the franchise holder of Tony Roma’s Malaysia, “Through this Ribs-Eating Contest, we would like to highlight that Tony Roma’s is more than an eatery or a restaurant serving lip-smacking ribs. Rather we are more about delivering a fun and wholesome experience for the whole family.”

“2017 marks a special year for us because Tony Roma’s worldwide is celebrating its 45th anniversary. With the year coming to an end, we are proud to celebrate it with Tony Roma’s loyal customers through this ribs-eating contest,” added George Ang.

All smiles from the contestants of Tony Roma’s Ribs-Eating Contest 2017.

Muhammad Amir Bin Ayub (2nd from right) and Farrah Dayana A. Othman (2nd from left) with their Malaysia Book of Records certificates and grand prizes of free meals at Tony Roma’s for a year. Pictured with the winners are Nurasyikin Ramli, representative of Malaysia Book of Records (left) and Muhammad Adam Mah, Brand General Manager of Tony Roma’s Malaysia (right).

Earlier before the Ribs-Eating Contest, the crowd at IOI City Mall got to take part in the ‘Fries & Pepsi’ Eating Challenge with the top prize of a 32” LCD television up for grabs.

There were also other games like ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and quizzes where the crowd took home prizes such as Tony Roma’s limited edition merchandise and food and cash vouchers.

For the Ribs-eating contest participation, every customers had to do was purchase the Tony Roma’s Ribs EntrĂ©e at any of Tony Roma’s 12 outlets in Peninsular Malaysia between 2 October and 19 November last year. So will you be interested to join the contest there's one this year? Do let me know in the comment section below.

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