Beer Shack at TTDI (Non-Halal Food Review)

Not long ago, I was invited to try out the food at Beer Shack in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI). They have another outlet which is located at Desa Sri Hartmas but with a different interior concept. For those who are not familiar of Beer Shack, it is a Western and Asian grill restaurant and bar. Not only they serve affordable beer but their food are also quite a bargain especially their lunch menu.

Their lunch menu is from 11am until 3pm and it comes with ice lemon tea and a scoop of ice-cream. On that day, I did try out some of their lunch menu dishes as well as Asian and Western ala carte dishes.

On the lunch menu, it's the Hiyamugi Pasta (Chilled) for RM18. It is wheat flour noodles with Tobikko, chives, truffle, vinaigrette and tanuki.

I find this pasta to be very unique as this is my first time having it and I can say that it's very different from the usual pasta that I normally have. The taste is not too overpowering but I can still taste the freshness of the ingredients.

Next up on the lunch menu, it's the Chicken Cordon Bleu (RM18). I am a fan of this dish with a generous amount of roll chicken with ham and cheese oozing out of the filling. The chicken was surprisingly tender although it wasn't warm anymore by the time I took a bite out of it.

For those who find rice to be a necessity to have for every meal, the Curry Mutton Masala (RM15/lunch menu) is a must have! The tender and flavorful mutton in curry paste was really good.

Other than that, there's the Claypot Ox Tail Asam Pedas (RM15/lunch menu) for those who enjoy ox tail. The sour broth goes quite well with the rice and the meat is quite soft with a tad of chewiness. Alternatively, the rice can be replaced with bread.

The Penang Prawn Mee (RM15/lunch menu) is also available without having to travel all the way to Penang for a bowl of this dish. This bowl of noodle contains a fairly large prawn, kangkung, half an egg, shredded chicken with sambal chilli and bean sprout. It is most likely to be perfect if the sambal can be spicier but taste wise, for me, it is acceptable.

One of their recommended ala carte Western dish is the Mafia Slider Burger. The burger comes with salted egg sauce, salad, lava cheese and choice of meat (lamb RM25 / beef RM23 / chicken RM18). The one we had was the beef burger and the meat was quite juicy and the bun was soft although it looks tough from the appearance. I would recommend this for anyone who's craving for some burgers.

On the Asian ala carte menu, the Pedas Terbakar Tenggiri Fish Banana Leaf (RM25) is suitable for sharing portion. The grilled mackerel fish was nicely cooked and topped with chili paste. This dish also comes with a rice.

We also get to try out some of their Yakitori (skewer). We had the Duck Meat with Leek, Wings, Lamb Rack, Meatball with Soy Sauce, King Oyster Mushroom and Lamb Rack. My favorite one goes to the Meatball with Soy Sauce. The savory taste is well balanced together with the tenderness of the meat.

Other than that, there's also the Snacks & Bites menu. We got the Salted Chicken Skin (RM13) cooked with chilli padi for a nice spicy kick.

Next up is the Beer Shack Wings (RM18) with special Thai sauce and honey chilli sauce. The chicken skin is still crispy although it was cooked with the sauce. I really enjoy this dish and it's definitely great to pair it with an iced cold beer.

Since the salted egg dishes are in trend now, it's not strange to put the Salted Egg Chicken Wings (RM18) on the menu. The wings are cooked with salted egg, chilli padi, curry leaf and cream. The chicken is not as crispy as the Beer Shack Wings due to the creamier sauce but the chicken wings are still good to have with beer.

As for the drinks, the rest ordered the Mojito, Ice Lemon Tea and Fresh Watermelon Juice.

As for me, since I'm a 'munkey', I ordered the Banana Smoothies (RM10) and it was indeed a good choice.

As mentioned earlier in this post, I said that their beer is quite affordable and you can purchase 10 mugs of Tiger Beer at only RM88! That's just RM8.80 a mug!

There's a pool table and some very cool pop culture wall mural in Beer Shack.

Can you spot which movies are these wall murals from? Overall, the food in Beer Shack is pretty good and affordable. I like the variety of the food, the interior of the place and best of all the affordable beer prices for group of customers.

125, Jalan Aminuddin Baki, Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Call 016-866 7511 for reservation.

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  1. looks like salted egg is a bestseller dish. Salted egg sotong, salted egg crabs, salted egg bitter gourd, etc.... but i likey :-)

  2. Bojio! Just 5 minutes walk from my home.
    I am eyeing at this Chicken Cordon Bleu!

  3. Yums! Hoping to try Chicken Cordon Bleu soon!

  4. You can have the beer, I'll have the food! I've got my eyes on the the Pedas Terbakar Tenggiri Fish Banana Leaf and no, I'm not sharing! :D

  5. @Melissa: Yeah... salted egg items are by default very popular as snacks

    @TwilightMan: I don't even know where you stay man. You can walk there and try them out :)

    @Charmaine: Go go go try them fast

    @Shirley: Same here! :)

    @Suituapui: I want to have both can ah? HAHA... Good stuff must share together mah


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