Show Your Colors with the Logitech M238 Fan Collection Wireless Mice

Logitech recently announced the Logitech® M238 Fan Collection Wireless Mice, a new collection of mice with patriotic designs that let you show your colors and support your favorite country’s football team. With the Logitech Fan Collection, you can join the excitement and show your football pride even while you are working, whether you’re cheering for Germany, Spain, England, France, Argentina or Brazil.

“Emotions are high for this year’s global football games, and fans want to show off their national pride and true colors,” said Mr. KP Sim, Country Lead for Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines. “The 2018 Fan Collection takes one of our most popular selling mice, the M238, and gives you a way to root for your team while working and supporting your favorite national team.”

The Logitech Fan Collection mice are comfortable, portable and can last up to 12 months on a single, pre-installed battery. The mice work with most operating systems you already use, whether that’s Windows®, Mac®, Chrome OS™ and Linux®, and the included nano USB receiver also allows you to roam up to 10 meters away.

Key Features 
● Patriotic Designs: The Logitech Fan Collection features patriotic designs from countries including Germany, Spain, England, France, Argentina or Brazil, so you can support your team with a mouse that shows your colors.
● 12-Month Battery Life: Click and scroll for up to 12 months on a single, pre-installed battery.
● Compact and Portable: Fan Collection mice are comfortable, to use for hours at a time, and portable so it is easy to carry with you outside the home or office.
● Long Wireless Range: The mice are very responsive, with a wireless range up to 10 meters away from the computer without losing connection. *
● Works Across Most Operating Systems: Fan Collection Mice work with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Linux.

Product Specifications
● Height: 95 mm
● Width: 55 mm
● Depth: 38 mm
● Weight (including battery): 84 g

1-year limited hardware warranty for AP 

Pricing and Availability
The Fan Collection Wireless Mice are expected to be available in April for a standard retail price of MYR 69.00 (inclusive of GST). For more information about Logitech products, please visit

The Brazil and Germany design mice are my favorite, what about you? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. @suituapui: Yeah, which one is ur favorite? :)

  2. Nice designs! Can I show you my color too?

  3. It was just last month when i started showing interest to look at the mouse designs when my wife had to shop for a new wireless mouse. I was blown away by the hefty prices but very innovative designs.

    You just shared very stylish & lovely ones. Thank you.

  4. @Charmaine: Nice right... don't show me your colour pls. Haha

  5. @TwilightMan: I think it really depends on your requirement. There's good and cheap wireless mouse out there. These products are more of a novelty thing. If you are a die hard football fan, why not!? :)


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