The launch of USANA InCelligence Technology's CellCentials and Celavive Skin Care.

I was invited to USANA Malaysia Corp Office in Bangsar South for the launch of USANA InCelligence Technology's CellCentials and Celavive skin care. I've been using USANA's product since 2016 and I find it quite effective hence I am interested to learn about the new products at the launch event.

USANA® InCelligence® Technology is on the cutting-edge of nutritional science. As USANA scientists discovered how nutrients communicate with cells to initiate natural protection and renewal processes, they began re-evaluating their formulas and updating the products accordingly. After years of refining the formula, the CellSentials® supplements are the next evolution in USANA’s exceptional cellular nutritional products.

Sabrina Khoo, USANA Field Development Director gave an opening speech and welcoming all the attendees

​The revolutionary CellSentials® supplements are a combination of two foundational products: Core Minerals Plus and Vita-AO which are made with the patent-pending InCelligence® Technology. The CellSentials® supplements are more than multivitamin; they are an advanced cellular nutrition system that features the Science of InCelligence®, USANA’s advanced cell signaling technology.

​Together, Core Minerals Plus and Vita-AO in the CellSentials® supplements provide Triple-Action Support: (1) micronutrients that nourish, (2) processes that protect by supporting the body’s natural antioxidant production, and (3) responses that renew by activating mitophagy—the natural cellular purification response that removes damaged mitochondria from cells. 

Dr. Rob Sinnott, USANA Chief Scientific Officer 

As Chief Scientific Officer, it is Dr. Rob Sinnott’s responsibility to ensure all aspects of global research and development are in line with the vision, mission, and goals of USANA Health Sciences. He is committed to innovating and pioneering the world’s best nutritional products and supporting wellness technologies. Most importantly, his work at USANA builds on, while preserving, the legacy of its founder, Dr. Myron Wentz: improving health worldwide. 

USANA Chief Scientific Officer Dr Rob Sinnott Introducing cutting edge nutrition science: USANA InCelligence® Technology ​ that activates our body's cells to nourish, protect and renew themselves. 

Dr. Rob Sinnott, USANA Chief Scientific Officer said: “Your body has both a chemical and electrical system (the nervous system) and simply put, cell-signalling is the way your cells communicate with each other through chemical messengers within your body.

“InCelligence technology supports normal cellular communication by promoting healthy signals in our body and proactively activating healthy responses using a specific combination of nutrients.

New ranges of products by USANA Malaysia: the USANA CellSentials® comprising of two complementing products – the Core Minerals® and Vita-AntiOxidant®

“If we were all living under ideal conditions, the foods we eat will provide us with most of the nutrition and all the positive cell-signaling compounds we need. But there’s often a pretty big gap between the ideal condition and what our modern diet might be.

“So our goal is to fill in that gap with our supplements, making sure you’re getting the proper quantities of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, for example.

“There are hundreds of things we can do with cell-signaling and we are just getting started. I’m so excited about the potential we have,” Sinnott said.

From left: Ng Keng Hean, USANA Executive Vice President of South Asia, Dr Rob Sinnott, USANA Chief Scientific Officer, and Vivienne Lee, Regional General Manager of Malaysia & Singapore.

“We are launching USANA's CellSentials® supplements comprising of Core Minerals Plus and Vita-AO which are designed to be taken together. This unique triple action nutrition system that nourishes, protects and renews to support healthy cellular function and promotes vibrant health,” said Mr. Ng Keng Hean, USANA Executive Vice President of South Asia.

USANA Celavive® Skincare

“This same technology has also been made available in USANA’s Celavive® skincare range and together all these 3 products which are now available in Malaysia, represent the science that goes into them to reinforce our goal to maintain health at the cellular level,” Ng added.

The Core Minerals® and Vita-AntiOxidant® are retailed at RM297.00 and the USANA’s Celavive® skincare are priced as below:-

Makeup Remover RM110.00  |  Foam Cleanser RM132.00  |  Toner RM198.00
Day Lotion (SPF 30) RM198.00  |  Day Cream (SPF 30) RM198.00  |  Night Gel RM264.00
Night Cream RM264.00  |  Firming Serum RM297.00  |  Eye Essence RM209.00

For more information about the products, log on to their website at

Rather than just supplement and health products, USANA has now ventured into skincare products as well. What do you think about USANA's new range of product? Are you currently using their product? Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Many years ago, I signed up as a member when they newly launched just to support a poor family friend. Later I was shown a thick book by a Hospital's doctor who was in charge of the Purchasing Dept which showed all supplements & branding facts that USANA's supplements received 5 Star ratings category in USA while that Amway got only 2 Star!

    USANA has good and quality products.

  2. USANA eh, good to know. If i did not stumble upon your article, I would not have known of them at all.

  3. @TwilightMan: Oh that's good to know that you are a member. I didn't know that they received such high rating from the hospital.

  4. @IsaacTan: Eh you didn't know about USANA? Now you know! HAHA

  5. Looking good there! The result of consuming their products? ;)

  6. @suituapui: I personally feel more energetic and less tired but we still need to keep a healthy diet :)


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