Pop a Bottle of Carlsberg Smooth Draught Anytime, Anywhere!

Carlsberg Smooth Draught recently has launched an easy-to-open bottle while eliciting a fun vibe with its one-of-a-kind innovation. Replacing the pry-off cap, the 580ml and 325ml bottles now come in an innovative ring-pull “POP Cap”, revolutionising the draught beer drinking experience further. So now we can “POP” a draught beer anywhere which is an experience that’s hassle-free especially when we don't have a bottle opener with us.

By simply lifting the ring and pulling in a swift motion results in a “POP” sound from the bottle, we can enjoy the smoothness of a Carlsberg Smooth Draught anytime, anywhere.

Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, Lars Lehmann

The launch that took place at Jenerator, KL Citywalk was attended by over 400 guests. Led by Managing Director Lars Lehmann, the Board of Directors and leadership team of Carlsberg Malaysia, the launch gambit celebration involved the popping of the new Carlsberg Smooth Draught bottles with the “POP cap” concurrently with the aim of reaching a collective “POP” sound of over 120 decibels to achieve a record “POP” sound.

Guests were immersed in a party vibe surrounded by the sound of popping caps, each trying to outdo the other with the loudest “POP” sound from the Carlsberg Smooth Draught pint and quart bottles. The simple motion of lifting the “POP cap” and hitting the “POP” sound to max awed guests and made their draught beer drinking experience smoother and more fun.

A bottle of Carlsberg Smooth Draught with "POP Cap"

“Carlsberg Smooth Draught has been an enormous success since its launch with record sales growth and encouraging brand equity. Beer drinkers love the smooth sensation available in a bottle or can, allowing them to enjoy draught beer anytime, anywhere. Building on its increased popularity, we believed this innovative “POP cap” that made Carlsberg Smooth Draught easier and more fun to consume will revolutionise the draught beer drinking experience that – “Now You Can POP A Draught Anywhere!”, Lehmann said in his welcome note.

“The “POP cap” is probably the biggest innovation yet for the Carlsberg brand as Malaysia is the first amongst 140 Carlsberg markets globally to adopt this technology. This innovative “POP cap” is the solution to the hassle with traditional pry-off caps that require a bottle opener; or twist-off crowns which may result in fingers getting cut. With the “POP cap”, you can now enjoy the smoothness of draught beer in a bottle with ease and fun at your comfort and convenience.” Lehmann added.

Guests were first greeted by an edutainment interactive wall displaying the evolution of draught beer and beer bottle caps; then tested on their skills to uncap a Carlsberg Smooth Draught using only tools except a bottle opener, followed subsequently by the unveiling of the “POP cap” bottle.

Special flying drum performance featuring Lehman himself!

The other highlight of the event was the captivating performance by Lehmann who thrilled guests with his special flying drum performance, while elevated in mid-air, choreographed to a visual and acoustic synchronism of music and dance rhythm amplifying the “POP” innovation through sound and sight. 

Leveraging on the “POP” sound as a mnemonic, the brand challenges beer drinkers to make the loudest “POP” sound when popping a Carlsberg Smooth Draught bottle for more fun or when competing with their drinking buddies. Consumers can download the Sound Meter app on their smart phones to measure the loudness of the “POP” sound in decibels.

The smoothness, combined with the “POP” sensation of Carlsberg Smooth Draught is probably the biggest innovation of the brand in its quest to revolutionise the draught beer drinking experience and ritual, delivering on its brand promise of, “Now You Can POP A Draught Anywhere!” I do hope other beer brands under Carlsberg will also follow this “POP Cap” innovation so that everyone can ditch the bottle opener! Haha...

To find out more about Carlsberg Smooth Draught – Probably The Smoothest Beer In The World at www.facebook.com/CarlsbergMY or www.probablythebest.com.my.

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  1. This is interesting to note about the POP sounds!
    How loud did you POP yours?

  2. @TwilightMan: Yes indeed! Mine was like on average. Not pro enough yet! HAHAHA

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