Special Appearance of Namewee and Joyce Chu at the Grand Launch of Nimpmos App

On the 26th of May, I attended the grand launch of Nimpmos application which is one of the hottest live streaming trends and e-commerce technology. Since its soft launch in March 2018, the app has already attracted many youth from South East Asia, Nimpmos Sdn Bhd is planning to list on Nasdaq in the United States and signing of the MOU with took place at the official grand launch held at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which have attracted over 1,500 attendees including myself.

The grand launch of Nimpmos app took place at Renaissance KL

 Other than the MOU signing ceremony, NIMPMOS SDN BHD made a charity contribution of RM10,000 to 6 social welfare homes and as I mentioned in the title of this blog post itself, it's the special appearance by our local celebrity – Namewee and Joyce Chu. I'll talk about them further before I end my post.

Excited guest at the grand launch holding up their lucky draw cards

VIPs during the grand launching of Nimpmos App
The MOU Ceremony was signed by Ms. Ines Yao, founder and CEO of Nimpmos, Mr. Wadih Maalouf, Dubai Blockchain Advisor also invited as a witness of the MOU Signing Ceremony. 

According to Miss Ines Yao, they believe the team are capable on consistently developing new live streaming features and recruiting and grooming prominent influencers to be a part of the Nimpmos team. Besides live broadcasting show, these influencers will represent the company for attending major events, filming, brand endorsements or any form of activities capable of generating income for the company

Ms. Ines Yeo, CEO of Nimpmos giving Speech

Other than offering live broadcasting platforms to its users, Nimpmos is a one stop internet solution company that offers additional services such as social media marketing, video production, photo shooting and live program recording.

Ms. Yoko Hsu, CMO of Nimpmos giving her speech.

Mr. Wadih Maalouf, Dubai Block Chain Advisor giving a presentation about Block Chain to the guest. Blockchain Technology Provides Solutions for Globally Distributed Programs. Sinphonim token based on Ethereum's blockchain and smart contracts. All accounts and transaction records are disclosed to ensure ecological fairness and equitable.

During the event, NIMPMOS SDN BHD made a charity contribution of RM10,000 to 6 social welfare homes which are Pertubuhan Baitul Rahmah (Country Home Rawang), Baitul Ulfah (Seri Kembangan), Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Mary (Setapak, Kuala Lumpur), Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat (Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya), Charis Home (Kuala Lumpur) and Angels Children's Home (Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur). It was definitely an act of kindness shown by the company to care about the unfortunate in our country.

Lucky Draw Session During the grand launching of Nimpmos app
The winner walk home with RM30,000 cash, a ROLEX watch and RM30,000 worth of Sinphonim tokens! I'm so jealous!!!


As for the performance, they started with a really cool LED light performances.

I like how they elevate the dancer and enlarge her skirt on the entire stage.

Joyce Chu,  a Malaysian female  singer-songwriter who rose to fame after the music video of her song, "Malaysia Chabor", gained more than 10 million views on YouTube. She performed four songs quite well with her mesmerising cute voice.

Next up, no formal introduction is needed. It's the one and only 'Namewee' or Wee Meng Chee who is famous for his controversial music videos but made his popularity with comedic songs through out the world. I am a fan of Namewee and I listen to his songs every now and then. One of his song, Stranger in the North featuring Wang Leehom had gained 122 million views on Youtube but unfortunately he didn't perform that song.

Anyway, he did picked four other hit singles which I enjoyed to. The four songs were; OH MY GOD!, 啪啪啪 PAPAPA, 不想上班Sorry Boss! and also one of his worldwide popular tune, 泰國情哥 Thai Love Song.

After the event, we proceed to the press conference where we meet up with Ms. Ines Yeo, CEO of Nimpmos and Ms. Yoko Hsu, CMO of Nimpmos.

According to Ms. Yoko Hsu, Nimpmos unique selling point is not just as a live streaming but also will attract users to download it to shop and sell products as a lifestyle app. Their targeted users are under 35 years old and their influencers are 18 years old and above. So far there's 400 Nimpmos influencers in Malaysia and Taiwan. As of now, there's a headquarters in Malaysia which is in Kuala Lumpur and Penang as a stepping stone to venture into the South East Asia market.

A picture with the young, beautiful and talented Ms. Ines and Ms. Yoko

Ms. Ines Yeo added that Nimpmos will add 400 influencers next month and they will enter Hong Kong and Singapore market as well. The main reason why they created this Nimpmos app is the transparency of the payment system whereby Ms. Ines had experience using other applications and realized that she can come out with a better application for everyone to enjoy it.

Nimpmos is currently available for download on Google Play and iOS App Store. Happy streaming!

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  1. Dunno the girl but I do know Namewee, not a fan but I quite like his latest.

  2. @suituapui: Which song do you like? I guess the girl is more appealing to the younger generation :)


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