GUINNESS Malaysia Announced the Winners of it's Perfect Pour

The excitement was at its peak as GUINNESS, Malaysia’s favourite stout, recently announced the winners of its Perfect Pour contest. Over the past month, trainers from the HEINEKEN Malaysia Star Academy have travelled the length and breadth of the country, teaching hundreds of bartenders the methods to pouring a great pint of GUINNESS.

Top L-R; Sales Director Mr Andrew Woon, Marketing Director Mr Jiri Rakosnik & Finance Director Mr Szilard Voros with winners Alwin Goh,  Henry Lai, Julio Jeremy, Kenny Loo.

GUINNESS Malaysia, in conjunction with The HEINEKEN Malaysia Star Academy, served bars across the country on the fully equipped GUINNESS bar-in-a-bus. The mechanics and angles behind the “perfect pour”, a unique two-part pour method, were demonstrated to bartenders and fans. The glass is first filled up to three-quarters full, after which the ‘surge’ is allowed to settle before being topped up. This method ensures delivery of the perfectly served Guinness to consumers no matter where they are in Malaysia with its velvety, creamy taste and its “frothy” head.

Ong Poh Wee, Central winner of Guinness Perfect Pour 2017, giving a live demo of the perfect pour at The Square, Publika during the Guinness Perfect Pour 2018 Finale event.

Second from left to right; Mr Andrew, Mr Jiri and Mr Szilard drawing two coasters to determine two lucky fans who will be joining the four winners on the trip to Dublin.

GUINNESS consumers across the region got to experience the fully equipped bar-in-a-bus and learned how to execute the “perfect pour”. This year, fans got involved in the search as they rated bartenders on a unique coaster provided at participating locations. Two lucky consumers were rewarded for their parts in the process and will join the four winners on this money-can’t-buy tour to the home of Guinness in Dublin, Ireland. 

Finalists and Mr. Andrew Woon, Sales Director of Heineken Malaysia Berhad (third from top left). 

From the hundreds who have undergone the training, a total of 8 bartenders have been shortlisted to be finalists in this year’s competition. The four winners who have honed the art of pouring the perfect GUINNESS represent their four regions – Central, North, South and East Malaysia. These finalists faced stiff competition and met stringent criteria to be awarded the recognition of the “perfect pour”.

A guest attempting the two-part-pour method during the event.

The atmosphere at The Square, Publika during the Guinness Perfect Pour Finale event.

Covert experts were hired and sent nationwide by GUINNESS Malaysia to evaluate these bartenders’ skills, specifically based on how they pour and serve GUINNESS draught. Their performance was reviewed along with consumers’ votes throughout the campaign period. The tally was announced at the finale held at The Square, Publika on the 21st of June. 

Guests getting their engagement cards stamped during the Guinness Perfect Pour Finale event.

A guest with her exclusive Guinness glass during the event.

At the Perfect Pour grand finale, fans participated in a host of fun activities and learned more about the iconic two-part-pour from experienced bartenders. While enjoying a pint, attendees learned about the rich history, quality, and craft of GUINNESS through the designated stations displaying ingredients present in a GUINNESS. As the guests mingled over perfectly poured pints of GUINNESS, they got to customise and take home their very own GUINNESS glass to commemorate the event.  

Guests enjoying themselves during the Guinness Perfect Pour Finale event at The Square, Publika.

After the announcement of GUINNESS Malaysia’s top bartenders, three guests joined in on the fun and won exclusive giveaways as they put their newfound knowledge to the test to pour the perfect GUINNESS.

Mr. Andrew Woon, Sales Director of Heineken Malaysia Berhad giving his speech at the event.

“The “perfect pour” is a two-part technique that gives the iconic GUINNESS its thick creamy head of frothy foam. From the tilt of the glass, to the surge and the settle, every detail plays a role in achieving the perfect pint that our consumers love and deserve. Through this campaign, we have not only trained bartenders across the country to master the “two-part-pour” method, but also our fans who had the hands on opportunity to learn the art via the fully equipped GUINNESS bar-in-a-bus,” said Julie Kuan, Senior Brand Manager for GUINNESS Malaysia.

Guinness' Brand Ambassadors during the Guinness Perfect Pour Finale event at The Square, Publika.

Through this campaign, Malaysian fans can be sure that they’re getting a great pint of Guinness, poured to perfection, wherever they go. For more details on GUINNESS Draught, check out

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  1. Nice glass! I guess you got one too?

    1. Yes, it's a nice glass and the customized name is pretty cool!

  2. I guess I will never mastered this skill to pour the perfect brew. Ha :D Because I don't really drink.

    1. You don't really need to enjoy drinking to be master the skill. It's like a hobby... just like those who love to watch football, can't really play the game! HAHA

  3. Hey! I like their cute and catchy name of Perfect Pour!
    The glass is nice. I want!

    1. I think you are the only one who noticed that. Nice leh the glass... hehehe


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