SOULed OUT Introduced New Menu with Cuisine from Around the World

Last week, I was invited to try out the new food menu at SOULed OUT in Bangsar South. Since their opening in 1996, they have always been serving their customers with good food, great service, a friendly ambience and theme parties such as the recent Souled Out Soccerfest in conjuction with the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Classic Steamed Mussels (RM39)
Black mussels in white wine, garlic, parsley & shallots, accompanied with village bread.

With their newly revamped menu, SOULed OUT Bangsar South will be bringing their customers on culinary adventures around the globe without having to leave the comfort of their seats at the popular central hangout.

Bakso (RM17)
Indonesian beef balls with glass noodles, crispy wantan skin in a beef broth garnished with celery leaves, served with spicy sambal.

Bangers Mash (RM19)
Smoked chicken sausages with creamy garlic mash and baby peas.

With a storied history of more than two decades on the Malaysian food scene, the SOULed OUT Group of restaurants is known for its SO Lip Smacking Food that inspires returning regulars to recommend it to friends and family. While maintaining its reputation for offering comfort food that’s ‘as good as a hug’, SOULed OUT Bangsar South will be welcoming more than 50 new additions to their menu, as it drives to elevate the comfort food proposition on which the brand has been built. 

Beef Ragout (RM23)
A meaty sauce of roughly ground beef in a rich Italian sauce.

Kake Udon (RM21)
Udon noodles in a dashi soup, topped with Japanese fishcake roll, chicken, poached egg & spinach.

“The new menu is about inclusion and embracing diverse cuisines from around the world. We want to cater to a wider range of taste profiles, so no matter what you are in the mood for, you can get it at SOULed OUT. In keeping with the times, the exciting flavours of the new menu items are presented in a contemporary style, aiming to reignite excitement and create buzz about our food as well as keep people coming back for more,” said Cassie Wong, Head of Marketing for the SOULed OUT Group.

Sawadee Salad (RM23)
Four angle beans, prawns, hard-boiled egg, cashew nuts, chicken in a Thai inspired creamy dressing.

Lamb Shawarma 

Bhuna Chawal (RM18)
Spicy Indian styled fried rice wokked with cauliflower, chicken and prawns.

Patatas Bravas (RM9)
Cuts of potato, fluffy on the inside, crispy on the out, served with mayo.

From reimagined vegetarian classics like ‘Kakiage’ and ‘Patatas Bravas’, to authentic yet elevated comfort foods including modern takes on ‘Bakso’, ‘Kake Udon’ and ‘Lamb Pie’, the new food offerings bring a slew of the most iconic dishes from around the world to SOULed OUT.

Roasted Duck (RM24)
Suprisinly tasty mix of tamarind glaze, pineapple, crispy shallot and coriander.

Lamb Kalabi (RM24)
Fusion at its best with keema style spiced lamb and mozzarella meeting on a pizza dough.

Asiana (RM18)
Almost like a nasi lemak on pizza dough! Haha... It's filled with anchovy, nuts, coriander.

Any pizza lovers out there? These are some of the new pizzas offered in SOULed OUT with superb local and Asian flavours to hit every right spots of our tastebud!

From left: Berries Parfait (RM15) and Peach & Caramel Parfait (RM15)

As for desserts, we had the Berries Parfait which consist of strawberry, strawberry pureee, blueberries, nata de coco, frozen yogurt, granola and honey and also the Peach & Caramel Parfait with layers of peach, nata de coco, frozen yoghurt, granola, crushed lotus biscuits and caramel sauce.

The Yoda (RM18)
Avocado, banana, spinach, skinny milk, yoghurt topped with spinach, chia seeds, kiwi fruit, pumpkin seeds & goji berries.

Choccywocckydoodah (RM18)
Banana, cocoa powder, hazelnut spread, skinny milk, peanut butter topped with banana, almonds, Snickers and chia seeds.

Pink Panther (RM18)
Dragonfruit, banana, avocado, skinny milk, yoghurt topped with dragonfruit, chia seeds, blueberries and strawberries.

For those who feel like having something healthier for dessert or even to go with some drinks (that will be introduced later), their smoothie bowls are good to have especially the Pink Panther which is my favorite.

Guinness Chocolate Milkshake (RM21)
Guinness (oh yes!), chocolate syrup, cheesecake syrup and vanilla frappe.

Daisy Doolittle (RM28)
Curious combination of vodka, Irish cream liquer, cheesecake syrup and espresso.

On the SO Thirst Quenching Drinks front, eight new playfully unique cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks like the adventurous ‘Jackfruit Mojito’ and quirky ‘Coco Pandan Smoothie’ will wet whistles and bring grins to the most jaded of beverage connoisseurs. For those with a sweet tooth, the new menu introduces six desserts with fanciful, pop-culture inspired names like ‘The Yoda’ and ‘Pink Panther’ which are guaranteed to be a hit among kids and grown-ups alike.

Jackfruit Mojito (RM28)
Rum, sweet herbal liqueur, vanilla syrup, jackfruit puree, lime and mint leaves.

Spicy Dame (RM28)
SOULed OUT's own mix of rum, triple sec, elderflower liqueur, osmanthus syrup, red chilli, lime and mint leaves.

Following its introduction at SOULed OUT Kuala Lumpur, Ampang and Bangsar South, the new menu will be introduced in stages at other SOULed OUT outlets soon. Credit to SOULed OUT for most of the images. If you are interested to check out their new menu, info as below:-

SOULed OUT Bangsar South
G11-12, Ground Floor, Nexus Bangsar South, 
No.7 Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03 2242 3308 / 013 613 1663 (reservations)

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  1. Heard of the place, never tried. The fresh beef balls in the bakso look good - gotta try cooking my own one of these days.

    1. You should try it out whenever you are visiting KL. I recommend the Bhuna Chawal and Lamb Kalabi pizza!

  2. Hahaha the names though - I want a Choccywocckydoodah!

    1. Ok... please order that in Souled Out next time. Remember to record a video of you when you do that! :D


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