August, Please Be Good to Me!

My apology for the lack of update recently. My laptop is currently having some issues and I suspected that it's the RAM that's causing it. I am using an Apple MacBook Pro from late 2011 and it restarted on its own after showing weird lines on the display. After that, it can't even be logged in anymore...

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That's literally my expression when it happened. Thankfully I managed to publish the Tiger Beer post right before it happened. Anyway, I'm in the midst of getting it fixed. I have just bought the parts through the online shop (goodbye hard-earned money) and I should be getting it in a few days time.

Here's some update about what's happening in my life. I wanted to blog about a lot of things that have happened last month. I went over to MAEPS in Serdang for the 7th Annual Art of Speed Malaysia 2018 and managed to take some nice pictures of the cars and bikes at the event. Spent quite a lot on the Hot Wheels cars too just for the freebies and got signatures from Dmitriy Shakhmatov, Design Manager for Hot Wheels.

Work has been less stressful lately. Been settling a lot of pending jobs which has not been completed by the previous graphic designer in my company. Worklife balance kinda good now, I really don't want to jinx it but I really hope it will stay like this forever. LOL

I woke up early on last Saturday to queue up for 2 hours at the Acer Day in Mid Valley Megamall. Spent money again but this time it's super worth it since I managed to buy a 24-inch FHD LED monitor for RM299. Still, I'm super broke this month! After that, I rushed to Klang to see my newborn niece - baby Jesslyn! I will upload pictures of us when I can use my MacBook Pro again.

I'll be updating again real soon and it has been a while since I update about my personal life on my blog. What do you think? Do you enjoy reading my random personal stories or do you prefer the lifestyle write-up like food review and events? Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Till then, have a good week everyone! :)

[Update 25/08/18: Laptop motherboard has to be replaced and it cost a lot of money. Can't afford to buy a new laptop right now so to repair it seems to be the best choice now]

.: Peace Out :.


  1. Sorry to hear that bro. But as the saying goes, there will be rainbow after the rain. :D

    1. Thanks Tekkaus... I didn't manage to fix it yet, seems like the parts that I bought can't fix the problem. More money wasted. Thanks to the internet! :(

  2. Oh dear!!! I hope everything is working out fine by now.

    1. Thank you Arthur. I hope that I can get it fixed this weekend.

  3. I understand the pain of a broken laptop! My laptop is like my rice bowl D: Jia you!!

  4. Aiyo, send to Apple service centre kaotim la.

    Why trust those d***


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